We’re so excited to announce the launch of our new website! There are so many features that have been added from our hair type quiz to new products and our own web store. Our hair type quiz will allow you to figure out what type of hair texture you have and the PuffCuff product(s) that are best suited for your hair type. Are you a type 2 with wavy, but almost straight hair or are you a type 4 with thick, tight curls? Once you’ve figured out what kind of curl you have, it’ll be easier selecting the right size PuffCuff for you. Click here to take the quiz!

Speaking of sizes, we have new products coming! Tune in to our future blogs to find out about our new product releases such as, the PuffCuff Junior, PuffCuff Minis, Micros, and more. We’ll even have PuffCuff t-shirts for our fans!

The PuffCuff and other products are available for sale directly from our site in the order now section. For those of you interested in purchasing PuffCuffs in bulk, applications are available in the wholesale section. And one more new feature—all orders can now be shipped internationally direct from our website.


If you’re having any problems with the new site or have questions for us, email info@thepuffcuff.com