I absolutely love these. I always wore banana clips but these are superior. They don't pull my hair out and I can fall asleep with it in. I plan to purchase more.

- Niah

I used 3 MICRO PuffCuffs to give my baby girl a Mohawk. She looked absolutely adorable and it's so easy to take down at night!!! I love this invention and it doesn’t pull which makes us both happy.

- Chamicqua

I have very thick, curly hair and the PuffCuff makes styling so much easier. No more pulling my hair out with elastic bands that never stay in place. Great invention!!!!

- Michele

I have been wearing this clip every day since I got! I like playing around with how high and low I place it on my head. It’s great with both wet hair and dry hair! Definitely my new go to hair accessory. I want to try the JUNIOR next.

- Neesey

Must Haves 12 Products

Essential MUST HAVE tool collection for every textured hair situation.
Over-the-moon at the sheer thought of never having to wear an elastic band in your hair again? Want unlimited styling options? The FAMILY Pack is for you! With one (1) PuffCuff ORIGINAL, one (1) PuffCuff JUNIOR, two (2) PuffCuff MINIs and three (3) PuffCuff MICROs, the options are limitless. A...
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Let's be real: we're all sick of trying to refresh our hair with regular spray bottles only to arrive at work with wet spots all over our blouses. This spray bottle will help lift your spirits - and your week old wash-n-go! This magical spray bottle uses a continuous mist...
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Our soft t-shirt turbans are a multi-purpose must-have! The super-soft material makes it a great hair-drying alternative to towels, which dry out and frizz up hair. It's also perfect for plopping, or for keeping in heat when you're deep conditioning. Since it's just as cute as it is functional, don't...
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This oval travel case is the most stylish way to keep your PuffCuffs safe and organized! Adorned with our hot pink logo, these have enough space for a variety of PuffCuffs, as well as some other goodies. Don't be afraid to throw in some gum, t-shirt turban or your jumbo...
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This scalp massager is half health, half heaven. Its gentle vibrations offer some serious stress relief and also increases blood flow, all while being gentle enough for even the most sensitive of scalps. The smart sensor on the front means you can literally turn this bad boy on with just...
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This ergonomic scalp massager can be used for both hair and scalp. It's lightweight and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. It promotes hair growth through increased blood circulation and it also increases the vitality of the scalp and hair. Massage in circular motions while shampooing, conditioning or...
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Toss and turn in your sleep? We've got you covered! Our big and beautiful silk bonnet is made to stay in place all night, even when you don't. Since we use high quality, natural silk instead of man-made satin, you never have to worry about overheating or breaking out in...
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This tiny boar brush is an essential tool for anyone who loves laid edges! These boar bristles provide a lovely polished look without irritating the scalp.
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FOR UNITED STATES PURCHASERS ONLY — The Q-Redew™ changed the natural hair game forever by allowing anyone to benefit from hair steaming at home. The steam from the Q-Redew™ can be used to hydrate, detangle, stretch, deep condition, and add volume to hair. With its ease of use and numerous...
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PuffCuff's TangleMaster® Detangling Brush is the revolutionary new version of the classic equine brush. We've taken everything you loved about the classic design and made a few enhancements. This new and improved version features flexing rows and perfectly spaced tines for detangling that's free of pain, pulling, and tearing. Our...
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Did you know that it rains over 100 days a year on average? Your hair knows! Our simplistic Hairbrella features an interior satin lining to keep your hairstyle in place, and a water-resistant microfiber exterior to keep the rain out. Features 100% Waterproof - is a smooth and lightweight (no,...
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The essential tool collection for every textured hair situation. Your curls called and they want all of it. This set includes all the pieces you need for success regardless of texture or curl type. Colors and patterns will vary.INCLUDES: PuffCuff FAMILY Pack TangleMaster® Detangling Brush 10 oz. Refillable Misting Spray Bottle Q-Redew® Handheld Hair Steamer...


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