Our Ambassador Program is in full swing and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for you! We are excited to introduce you to our official PuffCuff Ambassadors!


MEET KRISTIN | @thejoyfulwavy

This Wavy Lady loves leveraging tips for caring for wavy and curly hair by encouraging embracing the natural beauty that’s unique to you. And she is constantly creating easy and accessible updos for the curly girl on the go.

PuffCuff Video: Watch @TheJoyfulWavy pair her PUFFCUFF



In LuLu’s Curly Chronicles, @CurliCue_Lu loves sharing her best practices for bringing bounce and volume to wavy and curly hair.

PuffCuff Video #1 (CLICK TO VIEW)The PuffCuff comes in a variety of sizes, and in this video, @CurliCue_Lu shows how even though the PuffCuff MICRO is small it is mighty as it holds her full curls in a cute half up/half down style.

PuffCuff Video #2 (CLICK TO VIEW): Watch as @CurliCue_Lu demonstrates the versatility of the PuffCuff with more updos, including an elegant bun worthy of a dazzling night out for a formal event.

MEET KAREN | @kitelreyes

Latina beauty enthusiast @kitzelreyes is a pro at experimenting with unique methods to refresh her curls, keeping them defined and lasting through the week.

PuffCuff Video (CLICK TO VIEW): Watch @kitzelreyes as she effortlessly switches from a fun ponytail to a tousled bun in a matter of seconds using the PuffCuff JUNIOR.

MEET DANIELLE | @curlyfitmom

This curly momma of three is passionate about helping women love their bodies, curls and embrace who God made them to be! The PuffCuff is her go to for her morning fitness or her saving grace for “momlife” and quick styles on the go!

PuffCuff Video (CLICK TO VIEW): Watch @CulrlyFitMom pair her PUFFCUFF as a go-to for morning fitness for cute workout hair that’s out of the way of all the gains, and calls it her saving grace for “mom life” and styles on the go.

MEET SYDNEY | @__sydneylynnn

Curly-hair specialized and licensed cosmetologist, this 21 curly cutie is both multifaceted and multicultural being mixed with Black, White, and Native-American. A natural encourager, she loves to help others embrace a spirit of self-love.

Bye, Bye DENTS! Sydney is securing her curls, her look, and the season with her PUFFCUFF.

PuffCuff Video (CLICK TO VIEW): Watch as @__sydneylynnn rocks her high ponytail but using the PUFFCUFF MINI to style the perfect Pineapple, and loving no dents being left behind afterward.

MEET ELIZABETH @honestlizhere

From corporate to curly, Liz saves curls worldwide through her very own online store and curly care blog. Inspired by her love for caring for curly hair and passion for natural products, she is more than happy to spread her curl saving tips and tricks!

PuffCuff Video #1 (CLICK TO VIEW): Any time is the right time for a PuffCuff! Take a look at the various ways Liz uses the PuffCuff to style her hair, whether it’s on the go or at home.

PuffCuff Video #2 (CLICK TO VIEW): Cool and collective, @honestlizhere uses our PuffCuff 100% Silk Bonnet to make sure her curls look as rejuvenated as she does after a good night’s sleep by keeping her curls and coils in shape! 

MEET ANALIA @naliabaybee

Curl lover, mother, and cosmetologist in training, there isn’t anything she can’t do! Sporting curls as bouncy and vibrant as her personality, Analia is constantly serving looks and styles.

PuffCuff Video #1 (CLICK TO VIEW): Tension headaches be gone! Check out how @naliabaybee uses the PuffCuff for a “barely there” feel that she can even fall asleep in.

PuffCuff Video #2 (CLICK TO VIEW): Watch @naliabaybee as she creates three styles using ALL of the different PuffCuff sizes with her spirally, curly tresses. Now, this is a must-see! 

MEET JORDAN @jomicurls

This curly headed Georgian loves exploring Atlanta just as much as he loves exploring curl enhancing products. His videos are a tutorial gold mine on how to define and add shine!

PuffCuff Video #1 (CLICK TO VIEW): Easy and stylish, watch as @jomicurls shows you how to rock a low pony with a PuffCuff MINI.

PuffCuff Video #2 (CLICK TO VIEW): Experience the #PuffCuffNSallyBeauty launch first hand with @jomicurls as he gives you a behind-the-scenes look at this momentous event!



Whether it be wash day, her favorite hair products, or useful tools, this natural hair blogger sports her medium length curls with pride. Join @CocoaBrownCurlsXO on her journey of motherhood and curly haired liberation!

PuffCuff Video (CLICK TO VIEW): Check out this simple tutorial on how @CocoaBrownCurlsXO uses the PuffCuff to create carefree styles, like the afro puff, on tightly coiled hair textures.

MEET WOLFGANG @wolfganglisborg

A self-proclaimed “curly hair aesthetician” who rocks his sleek, deep wavy curls in his favorite styles — afro puffs, braids, twists, and pineapples. A protective styles connoisseur, you can trust @Wolfganglisborg’s hair growing advice.

PuffCuff Video (CLICK TO VIEW): Your hair is only as strong as its weakest point, which is why the PuffCuff was designed to avoid tension and damage that can cause hair breakage. Watch @Wolfganglisborg demonstrate how he keeps his hair healthy and sets up his waves in this video with the aid of the PuffCuff.

MEET ANDE J @andej_

A Floridan hair enthusiast embraces his natural hair and self to the fullest. He owns the hair tutorial niche on his Youtube and Instagram so you can know how to come correct on a variety of natural hairstyles such as Twistouts, PineApples, Afro puffs, and all things fabulous.

PuffCuff Video (CLICK TO VIEW): Watch @andej_ pair his PUFFCUFF

MEET KARTER @Karter_Sylest_

This Curl-ita has curls set to the stars at only 2 years old. Unanimously voted the sweetest daughter on this sunkissed planet, she has big hair and an even bigger personality. .

PuffCuff Video: 1 (CLICK TO VIEW): @Karter_Sylest_gets in some quality mommy-daughter time with their PUFFCUFF MINI showcasing a braided half up/down style in 3 different versions. Watch me as my mom shows you how to care for your littles hair and my #OOTD are everything!!!

PuffCuff Video: 2 (CLICK TO VIEW): Watch as Karter and mommy support the fighters and admire the survivors by slaying the PUFFCUFF MICRO for #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth

MEET CHERRELLE @itsreallyrelle

In the office or on the go, this curly haired research scientist knows what it takes to keep her curls stylish and healthy. Who says the office has to be boring? The PuffCuff makes styling her hair easy and stylish no matter the occasion.

PuffCuff Video (CLICK TO VIEW): Looking good doesn’t have to be hard! @itsreallyrelle creates a quick and easy layered bun using her PuffCuff JUNIOR, which creates a style that can be worn to the office or you could add accessories for a special occasion.

MEET KYRA  @kyra_milan

This seven-year-old curly is learning to slay straight from the queen herself being a member of the Beehive and a huge Beyonce fan. A fashionista already, she loves styles that are cute and easy.

PuffCuff Video (CLICK TO VIEW): Watch@kyra_milan call her PuffCuff curl girl poppin’ approved with her easy and cute look.

MEET MADISON  @redlilmissy

Natural hair influencer and awareness advocate has seven years of experience overcoming and triumphing over adversity with a magnetic personality as fierce and fiery as her big red hair. A.K.A Redlilmissy an award-winning 8-year-old encourages others worldwide to embrace their hair and themselves exactly the way they are; while also appreciating each others’ differences and uniqueness.

PuffCuff Video (CLICK TO VIEW): Watch @redlilmissy go from a humungous fro to the ginormous afro puff with her PUFFCUFF Hair Clamp.

MEET TSHENELLE  @blessednelly

This Caribbean naturalista enjoys sharing on all things natural hair and makes it her mission to help as many naturals as she can embrace their kinks, curls, and curves. Also known as Nelly B does it all honey, is a Web and Social Media Officer by day, and hair lover at all hours as an island natural.

PuffCuff Video (CLICK TO VIEW): Watch@blessednelly show out for our Island naturals by keeping it high and tight, professional, like a boss with her PUFFCUFF.

MEET CELAI @celaiwest

Walking down the runway or rocking a photoshoot, this natural hair diva is slaying the natural hair game. It doesn’t stop there, this young beauty is a print model, runway diva, actress, coach, and CEO!

PuffCuff Video #1 (CLICK TO VIEW): Check out @celaiwest in this festive, unique hairstyle she creates using PuffCuffs and Christmas decorations from a dollar store. You’ve got to see it, to believe it!

PuffCuff Video #2 (CLICK TO VIEW): If anyone can rock Thanksgiving decor and PuffCuffs as hair accessories so beautifully, it’s @celaiwest. Peep how she incorporated Thanksgiving decor and a tucked bun into a holiday style unlike any other.


A triple threat, Ezinne is an IT business analyst, curl expert, and one fashionable woman! Her motto “glow with the fro” inspires women to love their hair and natural beauty.

PuffCuff Video (CLICK TO VIEW): Watch @Afriziny get to business creating four different hairstyles using the various sizes of the PuffCuff Family Pack on her kinky hair. She used one PuffCuff ORIGINAL one JUNIOR, two MINI’s and, three MICROS to create styles such as half-up half down ‘dos, a ‘frohawk, and afro puff with side braids.

MEET KHRISTIAN @thekhrissss

Meet @thekhrissss, her three cats and adorable guinea pig. A full-time animal lover, Khristian is also a beauty enthusiast who fell in love with the ease and convenience the PuffCuff offers for her on the go, fitness fueled lifestyle.

PuffCuff Video (CLICK TO VIEW)Watch as @thekhrissss creates a cute afro puff with a bang, accessorized with a colorful headband.


MEET BRITTNEY @missb_naturally

A lover of animals, this vet tech has been a longtime PuffCuff advocate to keep her locs in place and tension free. Being an animal superhero and a mommy might seem like a lot, but Brittany balances it all with ease and grace.

PuffCuff Video #1 (CLICK TO VIEW): As a mom on the go, @missb_naturally shows you how the PuffCuff can be an easy styling tool for locs. Check out how she uses the PuffCuff Original to create a twisted bun for work.

PuffCuff Video #2 (CLICK TO VIEW): The PuffCuff can totally work double shifts. Check out how @missb_naturally quickly styles both her and her man’s hair with a PuffCuff in the morning.




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