How does the topic of adoption end up on the blog for a hair accessories company?

November is National Adoption Awareness Month and, as a subject that Team PuffCuff is personally passionate about, we’ve chosen to bring more awareness around this topic. Many families across the world experience the joy of bringing a new child into their home and making that child a part of their family. During this experience, many parents discover the nature of their new child, and also begin to learn other important factors—such as ethnic differences, how to care for their hair and skin, particularly when it’s very different from their own.

The new addition to your family brings joy, but you may also experience adjustments and challenges when it comes to learning how to care for your child’s curly hair. We want to speak with blended families across the globe ranging from adoptive fathers taking care of an African American girl or boy's curly hair to moms and dads with naturally straight hair adopting children with naturally curly hair. We encourage you to share your story. Many have questions but may be afraid to ask. Your story could be an answered blessing to a newly adoptive parent's curiosity or confusion.

Coming up with a hair care routine for your son or daughter is important—and helping him, or her gain pride about their curly hair is even more important as it leads to them building a positive self-image that will profoundly impact their esteem in years to come.

During Adoption Awareness Month, we hope to share stories from PuffCuff friends and fans who have adopted and have tips of how they were able to successfully integrate taking care of their child’s naturally curly hair.

We welcome you to share your adoption story with us and encourage you to read the first story in our series from our company founder, Ceata Lash. Feel free to share your story with us by sending it to or by just completing this short form.

In celebration of National Adoption Awareness Month, we are also partnering with The Ardythe and Gale Sayers Center for African American Adoption (a division of The Cradle) located in Evanston, IL. For every PuffCuff sold during the month of November, we will donate $1.00 back to The Sayers Center to go toward the Nursery Program that cares for nearly 100 infants each year.

National Adoption Awareness Month & PuffCuff