PuffCuff IAA Program

Are you a lover of all things curly-hair? The PuffCuff is looking to work with influencers, ambassadors, and affiliates who love sharing tutorials and curl-safe styling options. If you’re not familiar with the PuffCuff, curlfriends everywhere are ditching the elastic band for the tension-free and headache-free design of the PuffCuff! The patented design works with the fullness of naturally curly hair, allowing for quick and tension-free styling that’s pain-free for all curls.

We work with content creators in three different capacities: Influencer, Ambassador, and Affiliate. Each program has unique benefits depending on what kind of parntership you are looking to pursue with the PuffCuff. Application to a specific program does not guarantee acceptance into selected program. For more information on qualifications and requirements, please review each program below.


The PuffCuff occasionally partners with social media influencers within the beauty and hair sphere for marketing initiatives and short-term projects. Contracts are customized for each influencer on a per-project basis

  • Minimum of 50k followers.
  • Minimum of 3% engagement rate.
  • Occupy a relevant sphere in the beauty and hair category.
  • Provide a media/brand deck upon request.
  • Influencers receive a flat rate per post (agreed upon by both parties) in lieu of commission or a discount code.
  • Guarantee 4 sponsored posts within a year from start date.

Influencer partnerships include but are not limited to pay-per-post, reviews, tutorials, and various content creation for marketing campaigns and social media. Influencers can not participate in either the PuffCuff Ambassador OR Affiliate Program.


The PuffCuff Ambassador Program is reserved for those who love the PuffCuff as much as their own curly hair! PuffCuff Ambassadors are advocates for the brand and products produced by the brand, representing the “PuffCuff lifestyle” of tension and headache-free solutions for curly and textured hair.

PuffCuff Ambassadors receive the following benefits:

  • A complimentary PuffCuff SWAG bag.
  • Cross-promotion of ambassador content in our social media and marketing channels.
  • 15% discount for followers on PuffCuff products via an exclusive code.
  • 10% starting commission (max 20%) on sales of PuffCuff products generated via ambassador code. (Paid out monthly)
  • Opportunity to host and participate in PuffCuff Giveaways.
  • Opportunity to host ambassador Instagram takeovers.
  • Priority access to new PuffCuff products, when applicable.
  • Guarantee 2 sponsored posts within a year from start date.

Requirements and expectations of PuffCuff Ambassadors include

  • A following of 10k or more
  • A 3% engagement rate or higher
  • Participation in marketing campaigns and events when requested and able
  • Sharing of reviews, testimonial, and tutorials related to PuffCuff products
  • Experience in creating hairstyling and hair care tutorials
  • Consistent use of your promotional code to allow followers easy access to your 15% discount


Those who own and love their PuffCuff products are now able to utilize affiliate links! Affiliates earn a commission from sales generated by their code, all while sharing their love for the PuffCuff through testimonials, lifestyle photos, and tutorials. The affiliate program is great for those who have an interest in content creation but are currently growing their following.

PuffCuff Affiliates receive the following benefits:

  • 15% discount for followers on PuffCuff products via an exclusive code.
  • Flat 10% commission on sales of PuffCuff products generated via affiliate code.
  • Opportunity to be promoted to ambassador as following and performance grows.

Requirements as a PuffCuff Affiliate

  • Ownership of a PuffCuff hair clamp.
  • A minimum following of 1,000 on any one relevant social media channel.
  • Sharing of reviews, testimonials, and tutorials related to PuffCuff products.
  • Experience in creating hairstyling and hair care tutorials.
  • Currently occupy or working towards occupying a relevant beauty or hair sphere on social media.