Puffcuff works
with all types of
curly hair


Perfect tool for 2C-4C curls, locs, twists, and braids!

Got How to use it but Confused about size?

Let's figure it out! Selecting the correct PuffCuff hinges on how much hair is gathered. Avoid forcing the cuff to close; opt for a larger size or gather less hair. Experiment with smaller sizes for unique styles such as puffs, ponytails, or frohawks. Ensure a snug, but comfortable fit.

ceata e. lash

After a childhood of chemically straightening her hair, Ceata E. Lash decided to make the big chop and transition to her natural hair. Little did she know that going back to her naturally thick and curly hair would mean she’d be faced with the impossible task of finding a hair accessory to hold and style her hair… That is, until she came up with the idea of the PuffCuff...


The ALTERNATIVE TO ELASTIC BANDS - PuffCuff offers a secure hold without the tension that leads to headaches, making it a comfortable choice for all-day wear. Its innovative design ensures that your hair's natural volume and beauty are enhanced, not compressed, allowing for a variety of hairstyles without the discomfort associated with tighter hair accessories. By choosing PuffCuff, you not only celebrate your curls but also enjoy a stylish, headache-free damage-free experience.