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Was very surprised. Love the gifts.

Really helps to smooth my beard out!

I love my pin and thanks for the other edition puffcuff pin much love

My partner uses these everyday, most comfortable way for them to put up their hair!

I don't even know what the gift is supposed to be used for.

Hello. Thanks for your purchase. We are responding to the left about mystery gift. Please describe the item you received from us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Love the puff cuff!!!!

I am so thankful to have found these clips!!! I’ve never had anything that could hold my thick, curly hair! The micro is perfect for holding a ponytail!!

For the working Man who wrks hard

This item is perfect for keeping my lock in place while I work. I work in maintenance and am constantly crawling underneath sinks and having to lift item and this product helps keep my hair out of my face and caught on random objects

I have loved this mist since my first order (2 years ago).

Refreshing moisture for the hair and deliciously, refreshing scent for the spirit.

Review posted 11/10/2021

Reference: 11/10/2021 LAAAYED™ Argan Oil Styling GelCurlee Girlee
You are requesting a review from me but you already have a review from me regarding this product. (smile)

Love them

Bothe the jr and biggest one work for me. I broke one in the past and received a replacement but had all of the order information available. My jr just broke and i was waiting on a response but all of a sudden received an email for a puffcuff order. Thanks for sending me a replacement withoutmakingme jump through hoops. I was literally scrounging trying to find the info but wasn't able. I think the hinge screw needs to be a tad bit longer istead of flush or at least some stoppage pronges. To the owner: abs is strong but something is telling me that during production they're mixing a different material in there which can compromise the durability of abs causing a design flaw.

Wait till the product is delivered before asking for a review

The Best

I love my puffcuff. I have long dread locs and the puffcuff works perfectly for my hair. Unlike hair elastics or rubber bands, it does not cause tension to my hair. Also, I love the lifetime free replacement if it breaks.

Love my Puff Cuffs…I use them on my 4 year old granddaughter’s hair as well as my own. She loves her puffs!!

Awesome product


LAAAYED® Silky Smooth Curl Defining Mousse

Love it!

I'm satisfied with the product. Thank you.

I Support Black Businesses Unisex Hoodie
Leah Bennett
I LOVE the comfy fabric and great fit!

The hoodie's message is my mantra: "I Support Black Businesses"! My hoodie is so soft and warming that I fell asleep in it after I washed it! A great companion in my drafty office. And my 1X hugs and covers my curves perfectly in a fabric that breathes. Yet another high-quality product from the Puff Cuff brand! Get you a hoodie, y'all!!

It doesn't fit I need a smaller size not sure what size I need I have real thick coily short hair

Love My PuffCuff

Thanks for honoring your lifetime guarantee!

Super Defined/Soft Velvety Braid Out! Thank You

The Velvet Soufflé Cream Moisturizer is AHHHHMAZING…but we need a moment to talk about the delicious smell…yet we can’t get over it’s for hair… it’s so addictive! A little of both the soufflé and the pomade seem to go a long way and keep hair super defined and moisturized for days without needing to reapply. I love being complimented on my curls and how good my hair smells!

Love it!

My daughters love their puff cuff!

PuffCuff perfect size

I got the junior puffcuff and it is the perfect size for me. I love how my puff pony tails just expand and how it doesn't break off my hair.

Love the cuffs

I have every size and love them. Prefer them over hair bands.

Christy Gibbs

I love my puff cuffs, as long as I can receive them, I will be wearing them. Thanks a million for the warranty on them