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Love the Tangle Master

It is the best brush for my thick coils. I experience minimal hair loss using the tangle master. I own the regular size and the travel size. Make one in tortoise and I will get that too!

Comfortable enough to sleep in!

I like the puff cuff design very much. All the different sizes fit comfortably.

Hey Curlfriend!
We are so happy to hear that you are getting to experience the versatility of our different sized PUFFUCFF's! We love to see pics, should you decide to post any, tag us girl! #PUFFCUFF


It's perfect for what I wanted it for, the shipping was fast too.

Heyyy Sharonda!
Thanks for the great review!

I never did get them I paid for them but I never got them.

Birthday Gift

I got the Just Try It, Curlfriend for a girlfriend and she absolutely loved it.

Hey Curlfriend!
Thanks for the LOVE!! We appreciate your honest review! xoxoxo

Martha Collier
Niceie Nice

LoveLove puffcuff

Heyyyyy there!!
WE LOVE LOVE LOVE you Back! Thanks for your awesome review. xoxox

This edge control is the best. It holds my edges in place all day.

Heyyyy Bianca!
Don't we just love a good EDGE CONTROL? We'd love to see the edges Curlfriend, should you decided to post any pics, tag us# PUFFCUFF

Maybe it's great for others....but it still gave me a headache and was too tight

I have super thick coily 4C hair. I was hopeful that the original size would work for my hair, but unfortunately it's just too small for the density of my hair when not stretched. I think it is a wonderful idea and hope they come out with a larger size soon. I'd love to give that a try.

Hi Janee-
Thanks for leaving us, your honest review! We love to hear feedback from our Curlfrined Fam!

New love ❤️

The braid and loc pomade is EXCELLENT! I used it to re-do my finger coils( they were coming out)so I added a small amount of the pomade to my hair and it was perfect 👍🏽. I thought my hair would be stiff or crunchy but it’s not. Another GREAT product from Puff Cuff!

Hey Girl Hey!!
We LOVE to hear it! Thanks for your honest review, our BRAID and LOC POMADE is the BEST in the game! Thanks for letting us know you LOVE it!!

Great product, size down for fine hair

Quality product, would recommend! I underestimated just how fine and slippery my curly, shoulder-length hair is—my micro-cuff will only stay in my hair at night in a pineapple with a head scarf. I’ll have to try the smallest size for day use.

Hi Alli- Thanks for trying the PuffCuff! Getting the correct size is so important in making sure the PuffCuff works! If the MICRO size is too big, try the the Teeny! Here is a good sizing tool that should help!


I love my puff cuff! It provides me with the ability to create an instant hairstyle which is beautiful. Best product ever!

Hey Curlfriend-
We LOVE that you are getting to experience the versatility of the PUFFCUFF! We love to see it! Post and Tag us#PUFFCUFF

Tangle Master is not quite the Master.

I want be honest about my review. The Tangle MASTER works fine but, for me, not better than other brushes made the same.

Hi Curlee!!
We really appreciate your honest review!! We LOVE our TANGLE MASTER BRUSH!! but we LOVE you more :-)

Stephanie Rideaux
A gift for my Son

Very helpful for a college student.

Hi Stephanie!
We here at the PUFFCUFF want to wish your son much success in his college endeavors!! Thanks for gifting him the PUFFCUFF! Have him tag us,#PUFFCUFF We would love to post him.

Goodie bag vs just 1

Glad I got the Goodie bag. Once I watched the video of the various styles it was a no brainer that various sizes are needed. I've used each size.

Heyyyyyy Verna!
We, love that you are getting to experience the versatility of the PuffCuff! We would love to see your hair styles! Follow us on social media (@thepuffcuff) use #puffcuff

Great detangler

I really like this brush. Unlike regular brushes this is flexible and sturdy, not raking rather yielding to the pull and separating my hair. I have way less breakage and ripping my ends. Great invention!

hey girl hey!!
We are here for it! We love to hear that you LOVE our Detangling brush! Its def, a game changer. Thanks for your review!

My favorite hair accessory!

I am at this awkward stage with my 3c/4a/4b hair. I can tie the back of my hair up with a standard hair tie without an issue, but the front of my hair is still too short to go back into a ponytail with the rest of it. Well- not anymore! The puff cuff secures enough of my hair from the front allowing me to gather most of it into a cute bun while the rest of the shorter pieces in the front can be roll and tucked with hair pins. I was ELATED when I finally found this awesome product which helped me find a quick, daily style because I would spend hours attempting complex updos to make my hair presentable for the workplace. I don’t have that kind of time on my hands so I’m grateful for this creation. My ponytails are no longer aching and painful after only two days, either. There is no pain at all with the puff cuff and it’s easy to use and to leave in your hair overnight and even going into the next wash day! The one thing I have a gripe with is the hinge joint of the product being made of metal; it’s tough on hair if you’re not careful and it can snag a few pieces out upon removing the puff cuff. If some other type of material and mechanism could be engineered to prevent this, the puff cuff would be 100% perfect. All in all, I wear the puff cuff everyday and it has made styling so much easier! Thank you for this creative little accessory!

Heyyyy Nicole-
Again, thank you so much for your informative and very positive feedback. We love hearing back from our customers!

Love it

Love this product had to go up in size now that my locks are growing plan on purchasing the big one as well

Hey Tiffany!
We love it! We are so delighted to hear that you LOVE your PUFFCUFF, we love LOCS here at the puffcuff too! Should you decided to post any pics, tag us! We'd love to see it! #PUFFCUFF

Great innovation

My scalp is extremely sensitive and to have an option that is more gentle keeps my crown healthy and free from headaches.

Hi Karen-
We really appreciate your 5-STAR review! We know that keeping our crowns stress free is our umber 1 goal here at the Puffcuff!

Junior Clear Pouch - 3 inch Clear

I am very pleased with this purchase. The size is perfect for forming many different styles and as they are clear, nothing is visible but the styling - perfect! I love all my Puffcuff products! ❤

Hey Phyllis- love that you are getting to experience the versatility of the PuffCuff! We would love to see your hair styles! Follow us on social media (@thepuffcuff) use #puffcuff

The brush is an asset

The size is great and the brush works. I had a fit looking for it when I thought I left it in a hotel but, whew I had it.

Heyyyy Verna-
Don't you just hate when you love something and you thought you lost it!! Ugggg! geeezzz what an awful feeling. We are soooo glad that you found your BOAR SOFT SMOOTH BRUSH! Its a gem!!

so far, so good

I have had Puff Cuffs in teh past adn liked them, the quality has not changed since that time. I also like the little cases to keep everything together.

Hi Kat01-
We are happy to hear that you are still rocking with us! We LOVE our Puffcuff family! Thanks for laving us this awesome review!

Silk EDGE WRAP with Velcro Closure

Hey sis!
Thanks for the great review! Our VELCRO SILK EDGE WRAP! Is a must have, we here at the PUFFCUFF want to ensure your edges are always protected!

Sizes too confusing

I bought the larger one without realizing there were sizes. Each smaller size has a meaningless name. My hair is thick but not enough for that big one to be useful.

Hi Robert-
Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us, we are sorry to hear that you had some issues with the sizing of your item. We do offer a smaller sizes, like the JUNIOR, MICRO and TEENY at

Try our 'What size do I need quiz' this is an awesome tool, to use when having to pick the correct size PUFFCUFF

Hope this helps

Works but need a smaller size

This product would be fantastic if they just added one more smaller size down. My hair is super fine and wavy and it just does not stay in at all.

Hey Laura-
So sorry the TEENY did not work for you. But what you are describing sounds like you may not have enough density or texture to your hair. Possibly try our smaller PuffCuff like the MICRO may be a better fit for you.

If your purchase is within the last 60 days, please check out our PuffCuff Promise If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at

Hope this helps!

Brush Better Bundle
Amanda Miles
It’s growing on me

I bought the bundle because I had no idea what size would work best. It’s growing on me. I have mastered the closing portion so it’s a love hate relationship right now. I’m glad i have some

Heyyyyy Amanda-
Thank you so much for your feedback. The PuffCuff is definitely a bit of a learning curve if you're accustomed to your hair being pulled tight. Tight pulling styles put tension on edges and cause breakage. The PuffCuff is meant to fit securely, but not tight. It will hold your hair in place without putting unnecessary tension on your edges. We're glad to hear your falling in LOVE with your PUFFCUFF