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I love my puff cuff hair clamps! I was looking for an alternative to elastic bands because I have fine textured hair and elastics were starting to cause tension hair damage. These work perfectly, they are so gentle!

Silk Pillowcase

Silk is breathable and because of this, the silk pillowcase is more comfortable than satin fabric. The Puff Cuff pillowcase is well made and a must for my hair to stay healthy. Thank you for quality made products.


Didn’t work for me

My hair is medium texture, medium density and the micro was still apparently too big, it would not stay in place. I’m not sure I’d even be able to clasp a smaller one around my hair. Disappointed it didn’t work and I wasted my money.

Fantastic product; amazing value!

I'm very happy with my AireHead Bundle. I needed a good diffuser and figured I'd likely need an adapter, so this value pack was perfect for me. The quality is excellent and the price cannot be beat (I tried to find a better deal and I don't believe it exists). I'm super happy with my purchase and would recommend the AireHead Bundle and PuffCuff.

Hi Rai-
Thank you for your five-star review & rating. We're so glad to hear that you had a great experience with us! The AIRHEAD BUNDLE is always a great styling tool to have around!

Gift to share with family

This was a gift for my cousin and her kids and they love it th

Hey Ms. Stephanie-
Thanks for gifting our PuffCuff Double-Sided T-Shirt Turban! Such a great way to keep our curls and coils protected! We LOVE pics, should you decide to post any! We are here for it! tag us# PUFFCUFF

Love The Revitalizing Curl Mist!

Secondy day (even 3rd & 4th day) curls can look awful, but not now! The revitalizing curl mist is a game changer! Not only does to bring my curls back into form it smells incredible! This is now my morning go-to product. I will be forever grateful that I found your company! And I love the Puff Cuffs too!

Hey Jonelle-
Thanks for the LOVE!! We appreciate your honest review! yasssss our Revitalizing Curl Mist, gives life to those curls!


Hi Sharmee-
Thanks for the LOVE!!

Puff cuff 7 piece

With there’s less breakage and way easy to style everyone’s hair. Thank you for creating these. Oh and I love that’s there’s a variety of sizes to choose from, which makes a mom life functional.

Hey Curlfriend-
Yasssss mom!! Our 7 pcs FAMILY PACK is a game changer! It allows for variety, while keep those curls and coils healthy

Thank you and we love it!

Such a great addition to my daughter’s daily hair ritual!

Hey Ms. Amanda!!
We are here for it! We'd LOVE to see it, should you decide to post any pics of that beautiful daughter, please tag us! We LOVE to share #PUFFCUFF

does not work the way I want unless I am doing something wrong

This is my second mini

The PuffCuff is an excellent product. Periodt.

This is my second mini! The first broke and the PuffCuff fam kept their word and replaced it! I am still very happy with my purchases and especially happy with the customer service.

Heyyy Curlfriend!
We do appreciate you as repeat customer! Thanks for your 5-STAR review!! xoxox

Disaster Prevention Bundle

I am so happy I upgraded to this bundle package! I use all the clips and I can better love my curls during the day and throughout the night! The results are great and I am so delighted with how my curls look!

Hey girl hey!!
We are so excited to hear that you are getting to experience the versatility of our DISASTER PREVENTION BUNDLE! its a game changer!

I wish I didn’t wait so long to order!

I purchased these for my granddaughters hair and depending on how her hair is during a week I can use all sizes. Fresh washed and coiled I might need a smaller one or the bonnet came off in the middle of the night and we don’t have much time to fuss so I use a full size. I’m also a stylist of 28 years and I can say that this is a high quality product that I expect to last for years. Don’t hesitate like I did, order them now!

Hi Renee!
Thanks for your awesome review! We are delighted to hear that get to experience the versatility of our Puffcuff's! We LOVE pics, should you decide to post any, tag us! # PUFFCUFF


my daughter has very curly hair and previously refused to let us put her hair up. it was always too tight, too much tension. her hair would be down all the time and get matted against her neck and winter coat and everyday she would get bad matts in her hair. we got this as a Hail Mary oh my god please let this work. let her let us use it. so it came. and she had a silk press going on at the time so we waited. and did a test run at school with this puff cuff. she was tentative but it didn't pull or put tension on her hair and it kept her hair in a beautiful puff atop her head. well the clincher is she wore it to school and got a TON of compliments so guess who is wearing her puff cuff everyday. Our lives are changed for the better. I can let it down and touch it up in 5 mins. This has changed our morning game. thank you.

Thank you for your five-star review & rating Josie! It definitely makes us proud to hear when customers have truly enjoyed our PuffCuff. Hope to see you again soon!

Love Them!

I love that it is Black owned and I love that these were the hair accessories I never knew I needed. I will never go back to using banana clips again for me or my daughter. Definitely a lifetime customer!!

Thank you for your five-star review & rating. We're so glad to hear that you had a great experience with us! The Junior was a great choice. We're pleased to hear that you and your daughter enjoy them. Thank you for stopping in and we look forward to seeing you again!

Just Snap and Go

Love the Puff Cuff because it protects my natural hair and I can achieve some Fo my favorite on the go styles! Whether I’m in a pineapple puff mood or two puffs, you won’t go wrong with the puff cuff and best of all you save your hair from damage that you see from other hair ties! Even better is the lifetime guarantee! Thank you for saving my hair! 😍

Sheri, love that you are getting to experience the versatility of the PuffCuff! We would love to see your hair styles! Follow us on social media (@thepuffcuff) use #puffcuff

PuffCuff case

Now I can just throw my case in my purse /backpack and not worry about my PC breaking

Hey Ms. Diane!
Yassss! Our PuffCuff Petite Round Hardcover Carrying Cases is so awesome! We do thank you for your 5-STAR review.


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Thanks for honest review!

Nice Variety

I got the Family Pack. It’s very well put together! I use them on my 1 year old, 6 year, and myself.

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We are delighted to hear the you get you experience the versatility of our FAMILY PACK! We love pics, should you decide to post any of the kiddos, please tag us! #PUFFCUFF

PuffCuff Double-Sided T-Shirt Turban

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Thanks for stopping by! We appreciate your review our PuffCuff Double-Sided T-Shirt Turban.

Hard case saves the cuff

I had one break, it was in a basket with pony tail holders. I just picked it up and the hinge separated. Keep your in the pouch and keep it in this hard case. The cuff is the KEY to my natural style so I need to keep it safe. I keep multiples of the same size in the gray bag and I keep all the gray bags in the case with my fav one in the netting. Also, do not sleep with it either!

Hi there!
Thanks so much for your honest review of our HARD ROUND CARRING CASE. Our case is designed to protect and carry your Puffcuff's!

Also did you know you can get a FREE replacement — for life. Yes, curlfriend. For life! Just fill out the form here:, submit a picture, and get your replacement to you. No matter how old your PuffCuff is or how it broke.

There is one condition, though. After the 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee period, file a claim and as long as we can verify your original order, we will ship a new replacement to you free of charge.

*Only individual PuffCuffs are covered by the PuffCuff Promise. Sets, kits, tools, cases, headwear, t-shirts, combs, and brushes are not covered by the PuffCuff Promise!

Clearly 4 Me! Goodie Bag
Josette Williams
Free & cleat

I love the look of them but haven’t had a chance ito try them yet, my birthday is coming up & maybe I will try them then, I can’t wait, and thank you again for fulfilling my order so quickly you guys be blessed!

Hi Josette!
Happy Birthday to you! Yes, please come back and let us know how you LOVE our Puffcuff's! We LOVE pics too curlfriend, tag us with some of those birthday pics! We'd love to see them #PUFFCUFF

I'm very satisfied with this product and use it often.

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Thanks for the LOVE!

Perfect Size

I use this size to create my lil boy's Mohawk. He is almost 3 and love his puff cuffs. They are soo comfortable he doesn't want me to take them off.

Heyyyyy Girl!
We'd LOVE to see lil man's Puff! Should you decide to post any pics tag us #PCM#PUFFCUFF