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Love my puff

This is literally the only hair clip I now use. It is the only clip that one does not hurt even after 10 hours of wearing and and two -make my short hair look longer. My curls are so tight that any other clip or band make my hair look like a short tiny poof. I’m 52 years old and my hair doesn’t grow in length the curls just bounce up and your large size puffcuff actually make my hair look longer. I will never be without one. Thank you!

Love product gave one to teen grand daughter


The 100% silk bonnet is everything. I wear it on both sides. It serves its purpose. I bought one for myself and my daughter. I also have the eye mask. You can’t buy one without the other. I wear both together. It fits my head and don’t fall off. If y’all get more colors I’ll buy those too!

Lifetime replacement

Great business. Lifetime replacement guarantee is real. I've used it twice. Unfortunately puff cuffs do break. In my cases it was the hinge, and they do sometimes get tangled in my 4C, stretchy hair I'll need to be more careful when removing the puff cuff. Perhaps the hinge can be fortified. Fortunately I kept my delivery receipts as I was asked for the order number. Not sure everyone would have the info at hand. I suppose I can use the same order number should one break again. I love, love, love my puff cuffs and happy to support this black-owned business.

My first Puff Cuff!

Works very well, plan to order the larger one! Thanks :)

Puff Cuff

My puff cuff arrived quickly and it's a MUST for natural hair! I ordered the family pack and all the different sizes are great!

Truly silky

Feel so soft and smooth! Adjustability is great. Perfect for when you need darkness - blocks light out perfectly.

Love it!

I love this kit. It has everything needed to introduce me to the products line. The PuffCuff is amazing!

Mirror & cuffs

I purchased the mirror however I never received the hook. I reached out to the company and they said they would get one out to me, I’m yet to receive. Loved the puff cuffs and all the different sizes.

Best Bonnet

The quality of this bonnet is amazing. It actually stays on my head and keeps my hair looking shiny and healthier than usual.

Never disappoints

Love my puff cuff!! They are sturdy and keep my hair from being pulled to tight. Love them!!

Love those

Feel better when I have a bunch of them stacked up in their little box and literally panic if I misplace them. They've saved me from many situations of good hair days that I don't want to ruin and when I broke one and wanted to test the replacement claim, I did and they sent me one all the way to Dubai and how I appreciate and love this so much. Will keep coming back for more for sure!

Perfect! Big! No fog and durable!!

I have been searching all over for a mirror like this to do my hair in the shower and for my hubby to shave his head in there. This is perfect. Nice size. Doesn’t break like other nor complicated ones. Just put it on a hook and you’re good! Don’t hesitate. Buy it now.

Best Non-Flaking Gel I Ever Had!

The gel holds all day, does not leave a white residue and a little bit goes a long way. I have bought this item repeatedly and I highly recommend it. It is great for all hair types.

Sério isso eu nen consigo rastrear o pacote quanto menos chegar foi a pior compra q fiz em toda m...

Sério isso eu nen consigo rastrear o pacote quanto menos chegar foi a pior compra q fiz em toda minha vida. Paguei e não recebi e ninguém me atualiza do q está acontecendo. .. onde está meu pacote socorro


Love these!!

Best product for keeping my puff tight but not pulling my edges or hair out like an elastic. Love them!!

Great product

Love these cuffs. They hold my hair in place for hours without any pain.

I like the concept but needs improvement

I have very thick coarse kinky 4c hair it shrinks in seconds and this clip wasn't even close to fitting my hair inside they need to make 8-10 inch clips.

I love everything I purchased. Did not know there is a lifetime replacement policy on the Puff Cuff.

Soft and oil rich Nourishing & Soothing Serum

I started using this Serum before washing my hair and it became my go to hair care. I now use it after washing my hair as well as when I do not wash it. My hair is now soft and does not break as much.

The best scalp scrubber ever

I’ve used a lot of scalp scrubbers #ScalpCareIsHairCare. This one makes my scalp feel so good. It definitely is a great massager and makes me look forward to hair wash day.

Amazing in every size!

I’ve loved this product for about 5 years now! I recently order the just fry it pack with every size and have eliminated my need to use hair elastics!!! I’m so happy with this purchase and the lifetime warranty is a gigantic cherry on top!

Like the feel of the massager

I like the feel of the the scalp massager. It stimulates my scalp and it feels really good.