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No pulling hair out with ponytail holder!

Easy to use - can use a claw clamp below it in the back and keep ponytail up for the whole day

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Perfect for my Micro Locs

This is great on Micro Locs. Very comfortable and helps when I have migraines

Hi KJ, Yes!! they are super comfortable! Tag us in your pics!

Love these

They're easy to use and healthier for hair. Thank you.


I didn't know what size to get, so I got this pack while they were on sale, and it was a great deal. So far, I've loved all the sizes, however, I wish it came with one more mini. I have locs, so the teeny and tiny are sort of useless. I do use the tiny for small pigtails, but I think the mini would be better, so I'll probably buy one more of those.

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Love my Puff Cuff

It's easy to use, let's my curls breathe and holds together without being too tight

Life changer for curly girls

Using the misting sprayer has made it so easier in the morning on day 2,3 and even 4! Don’t even hesitate to get this item!!

Sturdy, cute, reliable

What can I say about this the misting spray bottle except I love it!! This is purchase number 3 for me: one for home, one for work, and one for travel.

The new black/pink design is adorable!!

It holds more water than you think and it’s easy to use.

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Everything they were advertised to be

These are well made, steady and everything they said they were, Sadly they didn't fit in my hair I had gotten to wrong size and needed the smaller ones for sure. I thought my hair was thicker than it really was I guess. Finding the right size I found confusing but they are what they claim and I think they would be great, I did give them to my coworker instead of returning them because lets be honest I suck at keeping up with things and following through with returning things and I hate having to do it. Coworker loved them and they look good in her hair.

Absolutely Love My Puff Cuff

I wish I had discovered this a long time ago. Also, I love the styling mousse,

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Great Products

I have purchased several Puff Cuffs of different sizes. I love having styling options that are not harmful to my hair. Highly recommend these!

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Love it!

It took a little getting used to putting it in my hair but once I got the hang of it I absolutely love it! There’s no tugging or pulling on your hair when taking it out and it’s very comfortable when it’s in. I highly recommend this product!

Hey Curlfriend! Love your review! Yes! Once you get use to it, it becomes your go-to hair tool! don't forget to tag us!

PuffCuff Petite Round Hardcover Carrying Cases

Mini pick

Love it

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Junior black single

I absolutely love this product. I gave it 3 stars only because the break fairly easy. The great thing is that they stand behind the lifetime warranty and replaced it.

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Thank you for your honest review, Yes, we offer lifetime warranty on your puff cuff should it ever break, so happy you got your replacement!


This produce has been a good sent. Pull
My hair back and done.

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It sure is! User friendly and takes no time! Let us see your style! tag us in your pics!

Great product

I love the puff cuff, it is so easy to use it's a life and time saver. I buy it for myself, friends and family. I appreciate it when the clamp breaks, I can get a free replacement.

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Excellent product

These Puff Cuffs are great. They are very sturdy and they hold all this thick ass hair together with no problem. 5 Stars!

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Jeraldine Gleaton-Bacone
Clear Three Inch PUFFCUFF

I’m very conscious about colors clashing and not complimenting my gray hair, so I love the clear CUFF.

Summer Ready Finally

I've been growing my hair out for a few years and it finally got to the point where putting up in a single bun was tough as nails. I had to 2 large space buns, which is exhausting when it comes to parting exactly down the middle. With the puffcuff set, not only was I finally able to have a puff again, but it also doesn't add any tension to my hair at ALL! It's easy to clip in and it's also easy to take out, lifesaver for me since I hate my hair in my face and want to workout more in the hot summer heat. I appreciate this and will be a returning customer. My thick hair thanks them dearly.

Yassss!! It is certainly the go to tool to hold hair back and in place with no irritation! Tag us in those pics!

Monica Jones
Family Pack

Awesome bundle! Can’t wait to try the minis on my daughter. My junior broke, but had no problem getting a replacement. Thank you PuffCuff

Something every curly-head cutie needs!!!!!

As soon as I got my cuff I wore for a week straight😁 My puff has never looked more grand and I was able to switch it up and use every Puff Cuff in the starter pack, which I thought I couldn’t because of my hair density. Definitely a must have for the natural journey, cuz it’s hard out here for a curly head sometimes lol😂 Thanks for love you put in your product it really shows and it was truly felt when I used it🥰

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Love it!

This is the perfect size for her hair and no pulling.


This was for a present. They seemed to like. FYI. Great customer service

PuffCuff Fan!!!

I love the PuffCuff. I bought the 5" clip. I also have the other sizes. I have coily haiir with a mixture of 4C, 4B ect. I literally wear the puffcuff everyday. There is no tension on my head and my coils sit so beautifully. I have tried it all... other clips, banana clips ect. and nothing compares. I've been using the PuffCuff for at least 3 years and I am so glad I found this company. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.