Our Story

When I decided to change my lifestyle and make the transition from relaxed to natural hair, I discovered that it was impossible to find accessories to accommodate the thickness and texture of my hair. Searching in stores and online, I realized that most accessories on the market are designed for straight, thin hair – NOT for my naturally thick, coarse hair! Existing products cinched my hair to its smallest point of resistance, creating “bunny tail hair” (not a good look for a grown woman), hair breakage, damage to the accessory and pure frustration for me!

Ceata Lash holding a PuffCuff

I became determined to find a solution, but it just didn’t exist. As I became more aware of other African American women making the same transition — all with similar hair texture and hairstyles, it became clear we all had the same need for an easy-to-use styling tool that would help us achieve quick looks without stressing our hair. We also needed it to be sanitary, durable and affordable. A little more research revealed that there were others — men and women with curly hair, locs and braids — who were experiencing the same styling woes. It was then that the concept of the PuffCuff was born, but I wouldn’t let myself imagine that I could be the one to invent, manufacture and retail it myself. And, then, inspiration moved in.

In the fall of 2011, I was blessed to have my 99-year-old grandmother come to live with my family and I. She had been diagnosed with congestive heart failure and was close to death. My grandmother was my heart and I loved her dearly. In our quiet moments together; I often wondered, “Did she do everything she wanted to in her long life? Did she pursue all her dreams?” The answer was a resounding and confident, “YES.” She was at total peace in knowing her time was at hand. So I thought, ‘Would I be at peace with how my life turned out if the Lord blessed me to live to her age?” Knowing I might not get 99 years, if I put this idea on the shelf and left it there, I might not have the same kind of peace my grandmother had when death was imminent. I decided I had to at least try. If I failed, it wouldn’t be for a lack of trying. So here I am! PuffCuff LLC was launched in August of 2013. The first PuffCuff was available for purchase on Amazon.com in February of 2014.