Our 7 Winter Essentials for Curly Hair

Winter is official here, which we welcome as we bring out our favorite sweaters and coats! We asked our fam to pick their winter faves, and they focused on curl definition and creating quick styles. Browse our winter essentials for curly hair below.

Misting Bottle - No more wet spots! This bottle produces a micro-fine mist and gives you control over how wet you get your hair. Perfect for moisturizing hair before applying a cream or moisturizer. Plus, the bottle has a continuous misting function! That means less pumping, less hand cramping, and less time spent styling. 

 Diffuser Duo - Stepping out with wet curls is a no-go during the winter. Speed up drying time and lock-in curl definition during the cooler months using a diffuser. Comes with a Snozzlepro Universal Nozzle Adapter.

Moistchä Rich Daily Cream Moisturizer - Adds a lasting yet lightweight sheen with a kick of Moistchä! This cream is formulated with premium ingredients like jojoba oil to hydrate and soothe skin, scalp, hair, and beards.

HIMPack I - The HIMPack I arms you with everything you need to experience our core values; no pain, no damage, and versatility. Ideal for those with dense curls. Shop more HIMPack bundles here.



MICRO + MINI + JUNIOR - Create intricate protective styles or throw your hair in a quick style during the cooler seasons using our smaller-sized PuffCuffs. Great for styling curls, coils, braids, locs, and twists. Browse all PuffCuff sizes here.