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I Tried the "Puff Cuff" on My Type 3 Hair, Here's What I Thought
It's challenging finding flattering hairstyles for my type 3 curly hair. I've mostly worn my hair down and unadorned for the last decade. But recently, I've been curious to see if the curly community has come up with any solutions...
Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: What’s Better Than 1 Black Entrepreneur? 2!
Put your hands together for two black entrepreneurs putting their heads together to cross-promote their newly patented personal-care devices! Inventors Ceata Lash and Joshua Esnard are both trying to take the struggle out of hair care while black read more
The holidays have changed for me. I’m not sure when it happened, but sometime over the last few years, I officially became an adult. Now, I find myself wanting more practical gifts that I either honestly need or will use...
ACE Best Stories with Eric Holtzclaw
Access to Capital for Entrepreneurs: Ceata Lash searched high and low for a product to hold her curly hair without breaking or pulling on her scalp. When she couldn’t find what she was looking for, she decided to make her...
19 Gifts Anyone With Natural Hair Will Love
Whether you know a lazy natural, or one with as many steps in their wash day routine as a YouTube guru, chances are, they'll appreciate additions to their hair stashes. After all, who doesn't want their 'fro looking extra fleeky? We...
Two Black Inventors with Patents for Personal Care Products Working Together to Make Things Happen
Nationwide — Ceata Lash, Founder and Inventor of PuffCuff LLC and Joshua Esnard, Founder and Inventor of The Cut Buddy (recently featured on ABC’s Shark Tank) have entered a mutually beneficial collaboration to cross-promote each other’s brands and patented personal care products....
Step into Who You Are – Embrace and Love Your Natural Hair
Natural hair has never been so popular and so empowering. I’m sure we’re all familiar with the 1960’s slogan “Black is Beautiful” and the electrified and somewhat defiant political jolt it created – those big afros that were so prevalent...
10 gifts for black women with natural hair
Black women in the U.S. have proven that wearing their natural hair is more than just a trend.  In 2016,  71 percent of black adults in the U.S. wore natural hair at least once, according to data from the research...
Meet the First Black Woman Ever to Hold — Not One — But Two Patents For a Natural Hair Accessory Product
Nationwide — The concept for PuffCuff was born out of necessity when Ceata Lash, the Founder and Inventor of PuffCuff, decided to stop chemically straightening (a.k.a. “relaxing”) her hair and go natural. While trying different hair styles with her new natural hair, she...
Cuff Your Puff: A Conversation With Hair Accessory Inventor, Ceata E. Lash
On I Am Woman Radio we're connecting with women who've invented and created something amazing, such as Ceata E. Lash, the inventor of The PuffCuff hair accessory for curly hair.  read more
13 Best Hair Products for Women of Color
Raise your hand if you think it's practically impossible to find accessories that accommodate the thickness and texture of your hair. Allure features the 13 Best Hair Products for Women of Color read more
Lash Shares With Huffington Post: Here's What Led To My Natural Curls and Entrepreneurial Journey
In Huffington Post article, PuffCuff Founder Ceata Lash shared her natural hair journey and what led her away from relaxers and into natural hairstyles. The article highlights the "aha" moment she experienced that would eventually lead to the launch of...
Ceata Lash Featured In Article on Urban Intellectuals
PuffCuff Inventor and Founder, Ceata Lash, recently shared her story and the inspiration behind launching PuffCuff with Urban Intellectuals. read more
Successful Black Parenting Explains Why You Need a PuffCuff
Successful Black Parenting Magazine gives Moms tips on using a PuffCuff. Moms have found the sturdy PuffCuff useful even for boys with long hair, it’s a great alternative to corn rows. Mom can easily pull her son’s hair back into...
The Elvis Duran Morning Show Names PuffCuff the Best Accessory for Curly Hair
If you have curly or textured hair, most hair products probably aren't meant for you. Either they're not strong enough or large enough to control your gorgeous mane. That's why the PuffCuff was invented! Find out why Elvis Duran and...
Curls Gone Wild! PuffCuff Featured in JEZEBEL Magazine
JEZEBEL Magazine editors selected PuffCuff as a top hair accessory pick in the October 2016 edition. read more
PuffCuff Displays Its Curl Power in Best Self Atlanta
PuffCuff's "curl power" was highlighted in the October 2016 issue of Best Self Atlanta. read more