10 Women Owned Businesses and Their Products We Love

March marks the official celebration of Women’s History Month in the United States and abroad. Established in 1987, Women’s History Month celebrates the accomplishments, advancements and achievements of women all over the country and the world. To contribute to this nationwide celebration, we’ve compiled a list of female-owned businesses and products that we love. Check them out below.


Women have many of these items at the bottom of their purse, but can never find them when they need them! In A Pikle is a compact organizer that is designed like a wallet and includes essential items for emergency situations on the go. This company is led by two friends, Tamara and Marianne.
Facebook: In A Pikle
Instagram: @inapikle

Have you ever had trouble finding the perfect shade of makeup to match your skin tone? Well, there’s an app for that! (And you can thank Ofunne Amaka.) Amaka is the creator of Cocoa Swatches, a makeup mobile app that includes the latest swatches for women of color with underrepresented skin tones. It is available for download on iOS and Android.
Facebook: Cocoa Swatches
Instagram: @cocoaswatches


Eternally In Amber is a bi-monthly subscription box that includes luxury hair combs, brushes and accessories. Launched in NYC in May 2014 by Amber Randall, Eternally In Amber is the first subscription box focused on bringing quality and affordable styling tools to adults, teens and girls.
Facebook: Eternally In Amber
Instagram: @eternallyinamber


Founded by She’Neil Johnson, Base Butter is an all-natural, multipurpose vegan beauty product. Johnson cites her and her friends’ desire for one product that would work for all their beauty needs as the reason she created Base Butter. It’s formulated for use on the skin, hair and lips so it really is a one-stop shop when it comes to your moisturizing needs.
Facebook: Base Butter
Instagram: @basebutter

Lit Brooklyn is a luxury candle line created by Denequa Williams that features full-size candles, travel candles and matches. Each candle is created with 100% natural soy wax and is hand poured, packaged and shipped from Brooklyn, New York. Instagram: @litbklyn

Founded by lifestyle expert and author, Kalyn Johnson Chandler, effie’s paper is a stationary line for those who love sending beautifully designed and thoughtful notes. Not just limited to stationary, effie’s paper also offers coffee and travel mugs, journals, makeup bags and more!
Instagram: @effiespaper

The Teuko app was created by two French moms, Jessica and Alexandra, based in San Francisco. They both suffered from running out of ideas for healthy, tasty and fast foods to include in their children’s lunch boxes each day. Together they came up with the idea to bring technology into the daily school lunch routine by launching a lunchbox organization community and essential items.
Facebook: Teuko
Instagram: @teukoapp

Created by Rose Espiritu, Culture Chest is a monthly cultural celebration that teaches children about different cultures around the world. Each month subscribers will receive up to three books and a surprise activity or item to allow kids to dive a little deeper into that month’s chosen culture.
Facebook: Culture Chest
Instagram: @culturechest

On a mission to spread happiness through pajamas, Ellie Badanes created The Pajama Company. The brand offers a number of pajamas for women, families and men. She also donates a portion of her sales to the organization, Every Mother Counts, to promote maternal health.
Facebook: The Pajama Company
Instagram: @thepajamacompany

You didn’t think we would leave ourselves off this list, did you? Founded by Ceata E. Lash to fill a void in the hair care industry for women with naturally thick and coarse hair, PuffCuff is a hair clamp designed to grasp hair and hold it into a puff style.
Facebook: PuffCuff Hair Clamp
Instagram: @thepuffcuff

Did we miss anyone? Share your favorite women-owned businesses and brands with us in the comment section!

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