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Never in a million years could anyone have told me that I, Claire Brown would be formulating and owning my own hair care company, Kriya Botanicals. After all, my goal was to become a professional soccer player out of college and then go back to graduate school to earn my doctorate in physical therapy. However, if it weren’t for an allergic reaction back in college Chemistry, I probably wouldn’t fathom the idea of making my own products. Sounds weird, right?

During a chemistry lab on a normal day back when I was in college, we made lotion from scratch. The fumes from the Ammonium Hydroxide was one of the chemical ingredients used to make this lotion. As I’m pouring this chemical, the fumes “slapped me in the face.” Imagine a ton of bricks sitting on your chest. It caused me to have shortness of breath, a runny nose and itchy eyes giving me a terrible allergic reaction. I couldn’t fathom these chemicals were in our beauty products. So I asked my professor why would these chemicals be incorporated into our products. It was his reply that changed my thinking about what I use on my hair and body. He told me that is how beauty products are made. And if I had a better idea of replacing them, then I should do the research and create my own. Because of this experience, it was my journey to develop healthy and safe hair products.


While on my journey to creating those right products for natural hair, I decided to put my bachelor's degree in Exercise Science to good use by combining science to natural hair care. This allowed me to get to the root of the problem. I observed that there were those with the same hair type that did not get similar results from using the same hair products. So I formulated the original porosity hair care systems, a 5 step system made for low and high porosity hair which helps to maintain moisture, nourish and repair the hair. These systems help to take the stress out of choosing the right products for your hair's porosity level. 


Kriya Low Porosity Formula

It's incredible to receive feedback from customers that are excited because they have seen good results from using my porosity lines. It is also great to see customers appreciate the connection of science to hair health. That’s why it is my goal to help naturals to understand the science of their hair and how to care for it.


Ceata use and loves Kriya's Low Porosity Formula! The moisture and definition is to die for!

Ceata uses and loves Kriya's Low Porosity Formula!
The moisture and curl definition is to die for!


One of my inspirations in the hair care industry is Gabrielle Goodwin of Gabby’s Bows, a young entrepreneur who created the double-faced hair barrette. Her presence in the hair care industry inspires my kids to become young entrepreneurs like herself.

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