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Get Moving With No Headache

If you are like most people, the new year is a refreshing start where you can restart life goals. From promising to spend more time on your art to making it a goal to have a date night with your spouse every weekend, the new year is the perfect time to make things happen for yourself. One of the most popular new year’s resolutions is the goal to get healthy; workout more and potentially lose some weight. For curly haired women, this goal can be a double-edged sword. On one side, you want to hit the gym to be healthier, happier version of yourself. However, on the other hand, going to the gym with a head full of curls can feel nearly impossible. Our hair is big, curly, and prone to frizz and to run full speed on a treadmill will only make the situation worse.

The most common solutions for curly women that want to hit the gym are both inconvenient as much as they are painful. Curly haired women typically face two solutions for protecting their coils as they workout. They can either leave their hair loose while they workout, leaving it to become tangled and frizzy in the process. The alternative is tying your large curls up into overly tight ponytails with hair ties created for women with straight hair. The hair ties can cause headaches, tangled clumps of hair, and strands being yanked out. Working out your body is already a strenuous and the nice sort of pain. There is no need to throw in the thumping, distracting pain of binding or tying up your curls.

So what’s the solution for women with big beautiful curls that want to workout without making their hair a frizzy, tangled, bird’s nest of hair or suffer from insane headaches?

The PuffCuff Hair Clamp is the hair accessory for women with curly hair who want to include getting fit on their New Year’s Resolutions list. The hair clamp is designed to gently gather your curls into a manageable ponytail without causing pulling, yanking, or tightness on your scalp or edges. You can work out comfortably and stylishly without ruining your curls. If you aren’t careful after-workout curls can be a hot, frizzy mess. With the PuffCuff Hair Clamp, you can toss your post-workout hair into a neat ponytail, puff, or bun and head straight to work, dinner, or just home to relax.

Depending on your curls, length, and style; you can use the PuffCuff Hair Clamp in a few ways to preserve your curls. You can quickly throw your curls into a ponytail to keep your curls neat and out of your face as you workout. If you want to preserve your style and wear your curls down later in the day, pineapple-ing your curls, or gathering your hair loosely at the very top of your head, can be done easily with the PuffCuff.

Your hair doesn’t have to be a hindrance when it comes to working out. Along with the PuffCuff, you can also use the below tips to maintain your curls through your routine:


When you are working out, you are going to sweat to some degree. Even though it is a liquid, sweat is incredibly drying on your scalp and hair and can leave your curls feeling brittle. Re-moisturize after a workout with a spray bottle of water and your favorite moisturizing oil.


If you have plans for after the gym and don’t want to wait for your hair to dry, you can sprinkle a bit of dry shampoo on your scalp so that it’s not soaked. Follow that up with a few spritz of your moisturizing spray, and you are all set.


After your workout, your curls are likely to be loose and have lost some of their definition. Re-braiding or re-twisting at night will help your curls regain their original bounce and life.

Working out doesn’t have to be a challenge on your hair. You don’t have to sacrifice your style, curls, and health for the body of your dreams this year. Being able to manage your curls and the health of your hair will help you stick to your New Year’s resolution of a healthier you while maintaining your beautiful coils.

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Get Moving With No Headache