Introducing Ambassador LuLu: Embracing and {CELEBRATING} Her Hairitage

We are thrilled to present the third installment of our Hairitage Stories series, featuring the incredible Ambassador LuLu (@curlicue_lu). Her journey is a true testament to the power of self-acceptance and the joy that comes from embracing one's natural hair. For years, LuLu battled with the teasing and ridicule of her peers, leading her to hide her beautiful curls by straightening them. However, in 2017, inspired by the stories of others on social media, she embarked on a transformative journey to reclaim her curls and reconnect with her heritage. As she learned to care for her curls, LuLu discovered the remarkable resemblance between her own hair and that of her Grandma and Dad. It was a revelation that brought her closer to her family and allowed her to {CELEBRATE} her curls as a symbol of her identity and heritage. Join us as we dive into Ambassador LuLu's inspiring story, filled with self-discovery, self-love, and a profound appreciation for the beauty that lies within our Hairitage.



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