Here's How You Can Keep Your Edges Protected!

Beyoncé and Alicia Keys, to the Kardashian clan—EVERYBODY seems obsessed with slicking and swirling their edges! While it may be a current trend in mainstream media, baby hair has been one of the main focal points in Black hair since the beginning of time. Baby hair has an extensive origin that can be traced back to the motherland; however, we will be focusing on its influence in present society in this post and how you can get those looks with LAAAYED by PuffCuff.

Let's start here: Why is everybody so obsessed with their baby hair? If you dig deep, you will find a myriad of answers that would send your head spinning! Many will argue that Black women's obsession with baby hair stems from the same passion as "good hair." When looser hair textures are in their natural state, their edges, or baby hair, often swoop and lay in a way that has been deemed ideal in black spaces. That will lead you into discussions about the Black American psyche and the influence that racism had on the way that we understand both color and texture. 

Others will say that it is a way for us to bring African heritage aspects to our present reality.

Some will shrug because "It's not that deep. I just like how it looks."

No matter what your reason is for slicking those edges down, there are a few tools that every edge-swooper will deem necessary: an edge control of your choice, toothbrush (or "edge brush" if you're fancy), and a scarf, all which you can find in the LAAAYED Edge Protection Kit!

The LAAAYED Edge Protection Kit gives you everything you need to style your baby hair exactly how you like, including:

  • Argan Oil Styling Gel
  • Firm Hold Edge Control
  • Braid & Loc Pomade
  • EdgeMaster™, 3-in-1 edge styling brush
  • Silk EDGE WRAP with Velcro Closure

The first rule for properly caring for your edges is identifying how your edges should look. No, we're not saying what they "should" or "shouldn't" look like in texture, but instead what your hairline looks like at its healthiest!

Of course, this differs from person to person because hairlines are like snowflakes — no two are the same. The fingerprints of the hair world, some might say. (Ok. No one said that.) The point is that every hairline is unique. Look back at your childhood pictures and see if your edges still look the same. We subject the perimeter of our hairline to the most wear and tear. From sleek buns to braids, the tension put on your edges can often lead to breakage. We developed our Argan Oil Styling Gel and Firm Hold Edge Control to be gentle on the hair with conditioning ingredients.

Learning the difference between edges and breakage is incredibly crucial on your edge journey. Want to hear a secret? Everyone doesn't have baby hair—and no, it doesn't have anything to do with your actual curl pattern. Baby hair is just fine hair that grows in front of your hairline — much like the hairs on a baby. Go figure. But one should ask, is this baby hair or is this breakage? That is the question! One way to tell is to gather and hold your hair as if making a puff or ponytail. With your free hand, swipe your hair in forward motion. If you can see a lot of hair stand up that is the same length, it is most likely breakage caused by the overuse of elastic bands.

Understanding this idea is crucial when examining your hair because if your "baby hair" matches your natural hair texture perfectly, the chances are that you may just be dealing with a bit of breakage around your hairline. Don't worry; this isn't a reason to panic! You might even love the look—but understanding what is happening should give insight into how you should best manage it.

When it comes to products and maintenance, trial and error are key. What works for someone else may not work for you. However, some tips are universal.

  1. Use a soft brush on your edges. You never want to use a hard-bristled brush on your edges. Much like your hair ends, your edges are incredibly sensitive and one of the places most prone to breakage. EdgeMaster's silicone brush is designed to be used with wet/damp hair with product applied, creating a smooth and tug-free experience while styling your baby hairs.
  2. Leave them ALONE. Your edges need a break, just like the rest of your hair. Allow your edges to be free every once in a while, and give them time to breathe. They will thank you.
  3. Use oil. (Pro-tip.) Base your edges with oil before applying your main styling product. This will help to keep the area moisturized under any harsh product. The LAAAYED Nourishing & Soothing Serum uses an excellent mix of oils to protect your delicate edges.
  4. Stop pulling at them. Tension alopecia is NOT folklore. Pulling tightly at your edges or constantly manipulating them can definitely lead to breakage. Try using tools that allow you to get your desired look without putting tension on the area. Tools like the PuffCuff and the EdgeMaster let you play around with different styles without pulling at your edges.

To get your Edge Protection Kit so that you can start styling your own baby hairs, click HERE! 


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