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In June of this year, Sally Beauty announced the launch of Sally Beauty Cultivate —For Women by Women, a business accelerator program to help women beauty entrepreneurs grow their business. Sally Beauty began accepting entries from female-owned hair care brands looking to expand their business. The winning company was to be awarded a $25K monetary grant, distribution on, and support to help grow their business.

Our founder submitted her application in early July and received an email response from the Cultivate Team on July 24th. In complete honesty, because it was an email, she automatically prepared herself for another "NO." After all, we received denials to all of our other submissions to programs of the like. The Sara Blakley (Spanx) Leg Up Program said NO. The Tory Burch Fellows Program said NO. Shark Tank said NO, twice. And The Profit — dead air. We'd gotten used to being told NO so many times another one wouldn't be shocking.

Ignoring the email subject line, Ceata opened and proceeded to skim the email looking for the words "We regret to inform you…," but couldn't find them. Midway through the second paragraph, still hadn't found those words. She went back to the beginning and began to read more carefully. Then it hit. Wait, this says "It is our pleasure to announce that you have received the President’s Innovation Award as part of the Sally Beauty Cultivate Program!" In her mind, she thought, "What? Wait, what?!? President's Innovation Award—what's that? They never mentioned an innovation award. Is this real? This must be a scam." As you can tell our founder is a bit of a pessimist. She read the email a third time. Finally, it sunk in. She broke her silence but could only utter, "Woah." Handing her cell phone to her husband, she asked him "Honey, please read this. I think we just got a YES."

Her husband, Garrett grabbed the phone and began reading silently. After a few moments, he reads aloud "This award is reserved for one company that we [Sally Beauty] think is beyond the stage of the Cultivate Program, but rather deserves a fast track direct to in-store distribution across our national fleet of stores and online!" He shouts "YAAAAAASSSSSS!" And the holy dance commences!

So what does this mean for PuffCuff? The purpose of this blog is to answer the many questions we had and any questions we've received from our fans. Here it goes.


1. When will PuffCuff products be in Sally Beauty stores?
PuffCuff Hair Clamps will begin rolling out in 200 select Sally Beauty locations beginning November 1, 2018.

2. Will PuffCuff products be in ALL 3000 US-based Sally Beauty stores on November 1, 2018.
No. PuffCuff products will first be in approximately 200 stores (the top 20 Sally Beauty stores in our top consuming 10 states. Our plan is to be in all 3000 US-based Sally Beauty stores by mid of 2019.

3. Will all of the sizes of the PuffCuff be in those initial 200 stores?
No. Only the PuffCuff ORIGINAL, PuffCuff JUNIOR and PuffCuff MINI will be available in the first 200 stores.

4. Will all sizes of PuffCuff Hair Clamps be available at all Sally Beauty Stores and
Yes. All 5 of the PuffCuff SKUs will be available both in Sally Beauty stores and by the mid of 2019.

4. Will PuffCuff be in all Sally Beauty locations in Canada? When?
Yes. We are hoping by the end of 2019. 

6. Will the complete line of PuffCuff products (i.e., spray bottle, t-shirt turban) available on be available at Sally Beauty?
No. ONLY PuffCuff Hair Clamps will be available at Sally Beauty.

7. Will PuffCuff be available in international Sally Beauty locations, i.e., the UK? When?
To Be Determined

8. Will PuffCuff be the same price in Sally Beauty as it is on
Yes. If not the retail price will be very close to the pricing on

Sally Beauty, the world’s largest beauty retailer, is committed to selling quality products. This partnership will allow access to customers of all racial and ethnic backgrounds. We at PuffCuff are both humbled and elated to be the recipient of this award. We can't wait to see what the future has in store for both brands.

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  • Toni

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! So happy for your distribution deal and award. I can’t wait for you to make puff cuff in a variety of COLORS. You’ve got to do that. Also if you manufacture them in a thicker mold to create a less flimsy/ breakable product, that would be cool. They don’t always have to be round curved, a thicker flat design would be nice, like the old fashioned pony clip. Also get it to Africa and the Caribbean. It’s a great hair accessory and should be every where.

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