Is The GLOC Method Right For Your Curls?

Do you find that your curls are frizzy, brittle, and lacking definition? Are you having a hard time reaching your length goals due to breakage? If you answered “yes”, you may have a moisture problem. Curly hair generally has a more difficult time retaining moisture, which is why it’s important to have a hair care routine that will help keep your curls supple and moisturized. The LOC method is known as one of the most effective curly hair care routines for infusing and retaining moisture, but have you heard about the GLOC method? 

What is the LOC Method? What is the GLOC Method?

The LOC method has nothing to do with locs or locking your hair. Instead, LOC is an acronym for the routine. Each letter in LOC stands for which type of product you should use at each step in the process. L-is for liquid or leave-in. O-is for Oil and C-is for cream. Each step works to lock in hydration into the hair strand.

The GLOC method adds an extra final step, G-for GEL! Gel acts as the final step that locks in curl definition and hydration! This one extra step can make a world of difference for curlfriends with severely dry curls.

What type of hair would benefit from the GLOC method?

The GLOC method is a great option for those of us with tighter curl patterns and thicker hair in general. Those with high porosity hair, which tends to dry out quickly, find this method to be a true saving grace. When the hair is properly hydrated and moisturized, it leads to better curl definition and healthier hair overall. 

Fair warning: Those with finer hair types or high porosity may find this method too heavy for their curls.

How to use the GLOC Method

Choosing the right products is an essential part of making sure this method is effective. So let's take it step by step. 

Starting with the L, you need a liquid. You could use plain old water for this step. Use a spray bottle to rehydrate the hair in small sections as you go. Or, you could choose to use a water-based leave in conditioner.


Next, you will layer on an oil based product. The oil will smooth the hair and help to add hydration deep into the hair shaft.  We recommend using our Nourishing and Soothing Serum, a blend of 8 nourishing oils including Jojoba and Avocado oil. 

Step 3 and 4, Velvet Soufflé Cream Moisturizer to moisturize and Argan Oil Styling Gel to lock-in styles.

Finally, it is time to seal all that hydration in! Next up is your cream based product. While completing this step in the process, be sure to thoroughly detangle your hair. Smoothing the product from root to tip will help seal the moisture into every part of the hair shaft. The product that you choose for this final step should be nourishing, like our Velvet Soufflé Cream Moisturizer. This decadent cream is an excellent choice for the GLOC method thanks to its blend of 7 nourishing butters and oils that smooth out frizz, increase hair elasticity, and maximize moisture for strong, healthy curls. 

To further lock in hydration and enhance curl definition, finish your style off with a moisturizing styling gel. This is a crucial final step for those with extra dry curls that have trouble retaining definition.

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