Meet PuffCuff Stylist Lavida Barkley


Lavida Barkley


Saying “goodbye” to elastic and rubber bands never felt so good!

The PuffCuff loves your hair, and it’s the perfect accessory from workout time to creating both casual and formal looks!

Gone are the days of pulling and tugging on fragile hair shafts. Bands are simply BAD for your hair and create too much traction and stress on hair follicles. Replace them with something that is actually good for your hair because it creates a natural environment for your hair to stay in place without stress.




With the PuffCuff, you achieve length retention without the tension! This means breakage is reduced and healthy hair remains strong. It’s also lightweight and durable. Plus, hair stays out of your eyes and face, which means you can exercise, run, work and party without worrying about your hair. And you’ll look great while doing these. In fact, you may even forget it is in your hair—it’s that comfortable!

With interest growing in the PuffCuff and our recent launch into Sally Beauty stores, Lavida Barkley of Coiled: a Textured Salon has been named our first official PuffCuff stylist. She is a Licensed New York State Cosmetologist, Natural and Curly Haircare specialist, Healthy Hair Coach, and salon owner. 



Lavida developed an interest in hair care at the early age of 12. Her first style included learning how to braid but she didn’t stop there. She quickly adds extensions to her style on her Peaches N Cream Barbie Doll and Dee Dee from Barbie & The Rockers.



By the time she was 15, Lavida had several “clients” and worked here and there as a Kitchen Beautician for the next 20+ years along with keeping up with her 9 – 5 job. “Doing hair” professionally wasn’t big on her list-of-dreams and career goals, but she’s always found herself helping someone style their hair.

While working for the NYS Assembly as a Purchasing Clerk, she relocated to Atlanta, GA, but was unable to secure government or private sector employment. This is when she realized that her “assignment in life” was to continue helping others take care of their hair. That was and is her passion in life.




After moving back to New York state for family reasons, Lavida attended cosmetology school and received her license. She cultivates her styling skills and talent in caring for Natural and Curly Haircare—a highly sought-after skill that provides care and insight to her clients on their natural hair care journey. 

Lavida is just one of the people that are working to see PuffCuff used across our country and around the world. On November 11, she will join PuffCuff founder and inventor Ceata Lash on stage at the Natural Hair Industry Convention in Atlanta for a master styling class on how to achieve length retention without the tension.



Lavida understands the importance of looking good while also taking care of your naturally beautiful, curly, thick, textured hair! We’re excited to have her on #TeamPuffCuff.

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