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Moms Teach Kids Real Beauty

Children are impressionable. They are constantly watching and learning from how we interact with the world. This is particularly the case when speaking of self-image. Our kids sometimes pattern their self-image after how we perceive ourselves. Here at The PuffCuff, we realize the beauty of curly hair. Here are a few examples of mothers helping their kids embrace the beauty that God gave them.

René Syler is a mom, wife, and TV personality. In 2008, Rene’ experienced a health crisis which caused significant hair loss. After being released from the hospital, she returned to the hair salon for her usual relaxer touch-up. Post-illness, she noticed her hair was still suffering, but this time from the relaxer. That moment she decided she no longer would chemically straighten her hair. Despite the illness, René explains, “I stopped chemically relaxing my hair for my eighteen-year-old daughter, who has long, beautiful curly hair. My heart broke the day she asked me if she could relax her hair, given the fact that she saw what I went through with mine. That is when I decided that I had to do better and that I was going to set an example with my own hair.” Today, both René and her daughter embrace their gorgeous curly locks!

Stephanie grew up hating her hair and desired to have long and straight hair like her friends. She was not completely in love with her curls until she became a mom, and saw the same curls on her daughters. That is when Stephanie decided that she needed to teach her twin daughters to be happy with their curls and to embrace their individual beauty!


The PuffCuff helps moms help their kids embrace the beauty God gave them.


Ivy Freeman of Columbus Ohio had an epiphany when she saw a picture of herself when she was nine-years-old. In the picture, Ivy said that she had “hair down her back.” This was one reason that she made the decision to go natural. The other reason was her daughter. “If I didn't want her to hate her own hair and always wish for something 'better,' didn't I have a responsibility to show her that what we have naturally is best?” After these realizations, Ivy grew the relaxer out of her hair and cut the last strands of relaxed hair. Though her natural hair journey has not been easy, she has used the tough times “to train my daughter to love her hair and treat it and herself with respect.” Ivy and her daughter both experience the freedom of embracing who they are. Their radiant curls are a part of who they are!

Jessica grew up in Houston, TX and humidity were not a friend to her naturally curly hair, frequently leaving it a frizzy mess. Jessica’s youngest daughter has curly ringlets just as she did as a child. Her daughter often cries for hair like her big sisters. Jessica then began to remind her daughter of how beautiful her hair was. Encouraging her daughter helped Jessica to change her own outlook on her own lovely locks. We celebrate with you, Jessica!

Corbin Bleu, famous for his role in the High School Musical franchise, started a trend among men with curly hair. We now see teen boys across the country growing their hair and wearing it curly. What better example for young men to have than their mom’s first embracing their own curls? Remember, not only are your girls watching, but your sons see you as their first image of beauty!

Here at PuffCuff, we want to play a part in your journey of embracing what’s genuinely yours. We designed the perfect tool to help you to manage your newly found curly freedom! As you celebrate Mother’s Day, be free to embrace ALL of the beauty that God has given you.



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Moms Teach Kids Real Beauty