Our 7 Winter Essentials for Curlfriends

Today marks the first day of winter, which we welcome as we bring out our favorite sweaters and coats! We asked our fam to pick their winter faves, and they focused on curl definition and creating intricate styles. See what our curlfriends are using to maximize their curls during the season shift below!


Refillable 360º Misting Spray Bottle - No more wet spots! This bottle produces a micro-fine mist and gives you control over how wet you get your hair. Perfect for hydrating hair before applying a cream or moisturizer. Plus, the bottle has a continuous misting function! That means less pumping, less hand cramping, and less time spent styling! 


Airhead Bundle by PuffCuff & Universal Dryer Attachment

Airhead Bundle - Stepping out with wet curls is a no-go during the winter. Our curlfriends use diffusers and driers to speed up their dry time and lock in definition during the cooler months.


Silky Smooth Curl Defining Mousse

Silky Smooth Curl Defining Mousse - Want your diffused curls to pop and lock? Use our Silky Smooth Curl Defining Mousse before diffusing to lock in hydration and achieve ultimate curl definition. Remember, our formula is concentrated and works best when used with lots of water!

PuffCuff STARTER Kit - No matter the season, the STARTER Kit arms you with everything to experience our core values; no pain, no damage, and versatility. Not only does it include two items on this list, but it also features a FAMILY Pack so that you can try the whole range of PuffCuff sizes. 

Carrying Case - KEEP YOUR PUFFCUFFS SAFE! Travel with your tools and accessories with ease with our round hardcover case. Features an interior compartment to store smaller items (think your MICROS and TEENYS)

MINI, MICRO, and TEENY Clear from left to right.

MINI + MICRO + TEENY - Our curlfriends love creating intricate protective styles during the cooler seasons using our smaller-sized PuffCuffs. Creative techniques we've seen include a fauxhawk using MICROs, bubble braids using TEENYs, and Space Buns using MINIs.

Silicone Hair and Scalp Massager


Silicone Scalp Massager - Cooler seasons mean more conditioning and oil treatments to combat dry air and dry hair. Pairing your favorite treatment with a scalp massager is not only a calming addition to your routine but also boosts the efficiency of your product while encouraging blood flow to the scalp.


Cover photo by Liza Summer from Pexels

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