PuffCuff Bridal & Prom Up Do Styles

With Spring upon us, that means it’s also wedding and prom season! These special events call for special attire and hairstyles, and many women opt for unique and intricate up do’s for these formal events. Did you know that you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a beautiful up do for your wedding or prom, and that those styles you love can easily be done with PuffCuff? Our experts have been combing the internet to find the perfect up do’s for your wedding and prom portfolio. Here are some of the fantastic styles we’ve found.

Use PuffCuff to Create 7 Unique Bridal & Prom Up Do’s This Season 

1. If you have fine, wavy hair, a simple up-do with a few embellishments is a classic ‘do for your prom or wedding. Using a PuffCuff Mini or Micro (depending on the thickness of your hair), you can easily sweep your curls into a low bun at the nape of your neck. Pulling a few strands loose creates the illusion of a simple, effortless style, and adding a few jewels to your hair creates a truly radiant style! 

Amber Rose Hair & Makeup Bridal Style for fine, wavy hair


2. Are you currently rocking your natural curls? Pulling your hair back into a high bun using the Original PuffCuff or a PuffCuff Junior creates a classic “puff” look that can easily be dressed up! Use your favorite flowers or jewels around the PuffCuff and bring a dash of class and style to your simple up-do. Be sure to tune into our live Periscope titled DIY Your PuffCuff: Ideas for Bridal and Prom on Sunday, May 1 at 7:30 pm, where we will be demonstrating how to embellish your PuffCuff. 

Crème de la Bride high bun bridal and prom style


3. Do you want your hair big, twisty and natural for your wedding or prom? This natural bride explains that she used “two flat twists leading into a BIG bun” on the back of her head. The twists started at the front of the crown, and led to the back of the head to be secured. Using the Original PuffCuff to secure your natural twists and curls, you have a style that requires about 20 minutes (and maybe some extra textured braiding hair, as this bride indicated she needed to achieve the extra volume from her style). 

CurlStories: Natural Bride big, twisty bridal and prom style

4, If your mane is quite long but maybe a little thinner, a high bun with lots of volume is a great option! This style from Emily at The Freckled Fox is a beautifully simple style that’s quite easy using 2 PuffCuffs. Using your PuffCuffs, gather your locks at the crown if your head and secure the ponytail using either a PuffCuff Junior, Mini or Micro (depending on the texture of your curls). Gathering the ends of your hair, create a bun that wraps out and under and secure it with the next largest PuffCuff size (i.e., if you used a Micro to secure your hair, use the Mini to secure the bun). Pull the hair forward to create volume around the crown, and add a layer of hairspray to hold the style. You can also release a few strands around your temples and ears to create small wisps and enhance the style. 

The Freckled Fox high bun bridal and prom hairstyle

5. Do you love your dreadlocks but want a classic, beautiful up-do for your wedding or prom? Depending on the thickness of your locks, choose the perfect PuffCuff and create our signature ‘do! Gather your locks at the crown of your head and pull them around to create a simple bun. Secure the locks with your PuffCuff and…Voila! This simple style can be easily embellished with charms, barrettes, jewels or flowers to create a unique, beautiful up-do that doesn’t require you to lose your dreads! 
Hair Definition dreadlock bridal and prom hairstyle

6. Create a simple up-do for your wedding using PuffCuff without sacrificing your locs! First, part your hair to one side (whichever you are accustomed to). Pull the front pieces loosely as you gather the back, and using the Original PuffCuff, secure the hair around the crown of your head. Take a second Original PuffCuff and create a cascade with your hair – almost creating a large bun – and secure. Pull your hair to increase the volume of the curls being secured. This beautiful style doesn’t need any extras, but you can always add extra jewels throughout to catch the light during your photo shoots! 

MunaLuchi Bride bridal and prom updo hairstyle

7. Do you have a shorter style but want to play up your curls for your wedding? Let Greece inspire your style! Use an Original PuffCuff to create a simple large ponytail. Pull your curls into the clamp’s teeth to find extra separation and volume. As shown in this image, you can add headbands to hold your hair back and out of your face while creating a beautiful Grecian-style up-do for your wedding or prom!

CurlyNikki bridal and prom style


Use PuffCuff This Wedding and Prom Season for Beautiful, Simple Up-Do’s!

While many women schedule appointments at every salon in town trying to achieve the perfect style for their wedding or prom night, these styles are easily achieved in the comfort of your own home with a few choice PuffCuffs, some hairspray and maybe a curling iron on hand! Share your photos and experiences with us! We’d love to see how you choose to use your PuffCuffs for prom and your wedding!

Be sure to join us for our live Periscope broadcast on May 1 at 7:30pm EST when we show you how to create some of these gorgeous styles!


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