PuffCuff Invites Small Business Collabs with "Better Together" Initiative

By Raeah Carroll

Attention small businesses owners! If you are looking for a way to drive new traffic to your social media platforms and generate more new customer leads, this week’s blog post is for you!

Hopefully you have seen our most recent blog post about our brand collaboration with Uncle Funky’s daughter. That partnership was the first of many thanks to the newest PuffCuff initiative, the Better Together Brand Collab, a program meant to foster collaboration between small businesses and encourage mutual growth.

The Problem

The Better Together Brand Collaboration Initiative was developed by our founder Ceata after a huge change in the tech industry shook up the way her and a lot of other entrepreneurs were marketing their businesses. In 2021, Apple’s iOS 14 update changed the amount of access Facebook had to consumer information. By making it optional for users to share their data with Facebook, it made it harder for small businesses to identify new leads to target for ads on the platform. This decrease in new lead generation hit small businesses the hardest and Ceata instantly knew that joining forces was the only way to fight back. 

Doing nothing is not an option. We can't wait for Facebook and Apple to make nice again. We have to take action. Bold action.” -Ceata

The Solution

Ceata wanted to create a space for like minded brands to come together and essentially share audiences. Through collaborative content creation and offering meaningful incentives, brands could generate new leads without the help of the Facebook ad algorithm. The PuffCuff  team immediately went to work and the Better Together Collab was born!

We began this work with our customers at the forefront of our minds. The PuffCuff audience is loyal and true. We know they trust us to recommend brands and products that they will love, and a collaboration with us means that our audience will instantly become the other brand’s audience too. We take that trust very seriously which is why we took the time to get to know the brands that we chose to partner with. We knew that we would only partner with brands that our audience would find valuable and exciting.

The Future 

The Better Together Brand Collaboration Initiative is now well underway,  we are working together with other brands to reach our customers, engage in more meaningful ways, and continue to succeed in the evolving marketing/social media landscape as a small business. We are confident that no matter what changes the industry throws our way, we will be able to stand strong by continuing to offer our audience products and solutions they love. If you are a small business that is interested in collaborating with us, we invite you to reach out to us via email today, fill out our collaboration application form, or reach out on social media! We look forward to hearing from you, and remember, we are better together.

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