PuffCuff Makes Popular Design Even Better with TangleMaster®


Great companies are nimble and always ready to respond to customer needs. For PuffCuff, Cyber Monday sees a long-awaited product hit the market! We are so excited to introduce our take on a timeless hair care product – TangleMaster®. Made in America by Americans, TangleMaster takes the historic equine brush and makes it more ergonomic for comfort and ease of use.  



On Cyber Monday, fans will receive a FREE TangleMaster when they spend $50 or more in a single transaction on ThePuffCuff.com between Cyber Monday and Wednesday, Dec. 4. 

Recently, women with thick, curly hair have been using a brush made first for horses...yes, horses. Instead of stiff bristles that stay in place, this equine brush had flexible rows that fan out, working through thick hair full of the toughest tangles while also minimizing breakage. With TangleMaster, we’ve kept all of the things that make this brush perfect, but we put a new twist on the old design. TangleMaster is ideal for curly and textured hair because it does all of the following and more:  

  • Speeds up your maintenance routine.
  • Loosens the toughest tangles delicately.
  • Bends easily without breaking to match your hair’s natural texture.
  • Glides through hair without ripping or tearing.
  • Fits comfortably in your hand for better and easier use. 

PuffCuff has tried to contract with third-party suppliers, but they were constantly running out of stock. This didn’t work for us because it was a hassle for our customers. We researched the causes and determined making our own brush would solve one big challenge: controlling the supply. We realized third-party companies were often using foreign manufacturers to make their brushes, which left us susceptible to hiccups with tariffs or international shipping. Plus, we couldn’t guarantee quality. 



For PuffCuff, bringing TangleMaster to market is more than just offering a new product. It’s about meeting customer needs in the best way possible. When we first started down this path, we reached out with a partnership offer to the world’s most famous celebrity stylist for natural hair. We want to build community, not only for our customers and fans but also for other business owners. Although our offer wasn’t accepted and she chose to go in a different direction, we knew this updated design was something our customers needed so we forged ahead and created TangleMaster on our own. We are so excited to share it with you first! 



  • #thewaitisover - customers will receive a FREE TangleMaster when they spend $50 or more in a single transaction on ThePuffCuff.com between Cyber Monday (Monday, Dec. 2, 2019) and Wednesday, Dec. 4. 

  • At PuffCuff, we strive to be the one-stop-shop for all textured hair tools. We know our customers and our community, and we want them to feel confident that PuffCuff is the place for all their textured hair tool needs. This brush is for you, our loyal and awesome customers. 

  • If you’re ready to #ditchtheband, PuffCuff has the tools that are perfect for your specific hair type. Use our simple-to-take quiz and find out which size PuffCuff is best for you. Don’t forget about our awesome Cyber Monday deal, either. Happy shopping! 

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