PuffCuff Wins Major Distribution Opportunity with Sally Beauty


The PuffCuff Hair Clamp for curly and kinky hair textures is the recipient
of the Sally Beauty President’s Innovation Award!


Congratulations are in order for PuffCuff inventor Ceata Lash who is the recipient of the Sally Beauty President’s Innovation Award.   As a part of Sally Beauty’s new Cultivate program, this award is aligned with Sally Beauty’s new business accelerator initiative to help women beauty entrepreneurs grow their businesses. This mission falls in line with the company’s overall strategic initiative to have every customer feel confident in her ability to care for their own hair. Key members of Sally Beauty’s executive leadership team chose Ceata for her creation of the ingenious PuffCuff, the only clamp for thick, curly or textured hair on the market that has curly heads everywhere ditching elastic hair bands. The Sally Beauty President’s Innovation Award is reserved for one company that will receive a fast-track direct to in­-store distribution.

The announcement speaks volumes to the necessity of specially designed accessories catering to the curly hair market. It also affirms the PuffCuff’s quality and innovative design. PuffCuff is an easy-to-use, simple hair clamp that creates a variety of stylish updos, buns and ponytail styles for naturally curly and kinky hair. Unlike elastic bands, the PuffCuff styles hair without breaking, snagging, ripping hair out, or causing a headache. The PuffCuff’s unique, newly-patented circular design locks into the texture or curl of the hair with its gentle, plastic teeth, never pulling or putting stress on the hair, like most other hair accessories. Offering four sizes to choose from, this unisex tool meets the needs of a multicultural society that desires healthier styling options.

With growing rave reviews for its gentle, durable plastic, and easy-to-use design that supports hair growth, it’s no wonder that PuffCuff caught Sally Beauty’s eye. As the recipient of the Sally Beauty President’s Innovation Award, PuffCuff will receive the in-store and online fast-track distribution of their products, plus, press and marketing support. The program aims to help PuffCuff dramatically accelerate their sales as well as their manufacturing and distribution capabilities.

“My gratitude toward Sally Beauty for this amazing acknowledgment and opportunity to expand my business is beyond anything that I can express. I’m both honored and humbled,” says Ceata Lash, founder of the PuffCuff.  “I remember the days of going to work with my hair cinched up into a puff by a shoestring, causing havoc around my edges and giving me horrendous tension headaches. Desperately in need of a solution, I couldn’t find anything that could hold the volume of my thick curly textured hair without causing damage, breaking or resulting in taking 2 high powered painkillers by the end of the day! After much research, planning, and prayer my idea to create the PuffCuff came to fruition. The journey hasn’t been easy but it has been so well worth it! I now look forward to embarking on my new journey with Sally Beauty!”

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