Silky Smooth Curl Defining Mousse is a favorite among Curlfriends. Wanna know why?!!?!?

It's like looking for a needle in a haystack when it comes to finding the ideal mousse. Mousse can help define curls while also leaving them crunchy. They're volumizing at times but not hydrating enough at other times. It's unusual to come across one that nails it, but PuffCuff enthusiast @cocoabrowncurlsxo explains how the Silky Smooth Curl Defining Mousse delivered EXACTLY what she needed.

First and foremost, what exactly is mousse? If you missed out on the 1980s mousse craze, mousse is a light, airy product that gives volume and definition to the hair. During the "big hair" era of the ‘80s, mousse was an extremely popular product. However, in the past, mousse made hair stiff and crunchy, with little to no bounce or spring. Hair mousse has resurfaced as a lightweight curl-defining alternative to creams and gels thanks to a current renaissance of voluminous hair and improved formulations. Watch how@CocobrowncurlsXO's uses the Silky Smooth Curl Defining Mousse to get JUICY curls and learn more about what's inside our "holy grail" Silky Smooth Curl Defining Mousse.


"When I tell y'all, it leaves my curls so JUICY, lightweight, and moisturized!"

How To Use the Silky Smooth Curl Defining Mousse

  1. Make sure hair is saturated, either out of the shower or misted with the Refillable 360º Misting Spray Bottle.
  2. Working in sections, apply a generous amount of Silky Smooth Curl Defining Mousse to hair and rake through with fingers and the TangleMaster® Detangling Brush. (Pro-tip: use PuffCuff MINI, MICRO, or TEENY to hold sectioned hair back)
  3. Air dry or diffuser for soft, voluptuous curls and definition with plenty of movement. Plus, no crunch or flaking!




1) ALWAYS APPLY TO WET HAIR! Our mousse features a concentrated formulation that seals in existing moisture, meaning it LOVES water! Apply to wet hair for easier distribution and to lock in weightless moisture for juicy curls.

2) Need extra shine or frizz control to finish your style? Apply a small amount of the LAAAYED Nourishing & Soothing Serum to your hands and rake through mostly dry curls for added luster and frizz reduction

LAAAYED Nourishing & Soothing Serum for hair and scalpLAAAYED Nourishing and Soothing Serum


3) The lightweight nature of mousse makes it perfect for refreshing your curls on day 4...5...6…. Wet your curls with a mist and run a small amount of LAAAYED Silky Smooth Curl Defining Mousse for a lightweight refresh without weighing curls down with excessive product buildup.

The Silky Smooth Curl Defining Mousse is formulated with aloe vera juice, hydrolyzed silk, and honey quat to provide lightweight hydration that supports volume, JUICY curl definition, and flake-free styling. Learn more about our star ingredients below:

Aloe Vera Juice - An essential hydrator, aloe vera juice packs hair with hydration and contains vitamin A, C, and E to help keep strands healthy and strong.

Honeyquat - A natural honey product that is a superior hydrator, capable of penetrating the hair strand to offer long-term moisture, shine, and smoothness. 

 Hydrolyzed Silk - The superior option for improving the shine and health of hair. Hydrolyzed silk adds to hair elasticity, aids in moisture retention, and helps protect against additional breakage.


Learn more about the Silky Smooth Curl Defining Mousse, and shop our bundles featuring it, below.

LAAAYED Detangle and Define Petite Bundle. Includes TangleMaster Detangling Brush and Silky Smooth Curl Defining Mousse
LAAAYED Petite bundle. Includes: Silky Smooth Curl Defining Mousse, Argan Oil Styling Gel, Daily Curl Revitalizing Misting for Curly, Natural, and Thick or Dry Hair

LAAAYED Moisture and Mend Bundle. Includes: TangleMaster, Silky Smooth Curl Defining Mousse, Nourishing & Soothing Serum, and Daily Curl Revitalizing Mist

LAAAYED® Moisture & Mend Kit


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