The PuffCuff Family

Founder Ceata Lash invented the PuffCuff to accommodate thick, textured hair. It has quickly become a much loved hair accessory for women, children, and men the world over.

At the PuffCuff, we’re all about family. As a family owned and operated business, we’re honoring National Adoption Awareness Month all November long by donating $1 of every PuffCuff sale to support The Cradle Adoption Agency in Chicago. Ceata and Garrett Lash adopted their son, Greisen through The Cradle in 2011 and recall the moments like they happened yesterday: 

We welcomed the opportunity to offer at least one child-in-need a God-fearing family to love and grow with. We knew God had already chosen a particular child just for us, and we were eager to be completely faithful to what He was calling us to do. The first time we met Greisen’s birthmother, she told us the moment she realized she was pregnant she knew the baby would be for someone else. She chose us because she couldn’t fathom black people wanting to adopt black children. Let alone a black couple who already had children wanting to adopt another. To this day it still gives me goosebumps. 

This Thanksgiving, in the midst of all the hustle and bustle, take a moment to just be. Be thankful, be present and be together as a family - whether you were born together or brought together.

While many things happen over the holidays, we also understand Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year celebrations are a time to be thankful. They are a time for reflection; to look back at all you’ve accomplished, all you’ve been blessed with and to set plans for the future. 

The PuffCuff is your perfect holiday hair accessory, and the best thing about it is that it’s easy to use. It transforms thick, curly hair into a beautiful style, especially when you add ribbons, a bit of bling or one of our handmade headbands. Even young ones can wear the PuffCuff… and get this: it’s painless! No more pulling and no more headaches. Have everyone looking sharp, get out the door and arrive to your holiday festivities on time.

Mom and Dad can wear the PuffCuff too. From the loosest wave to the tightest coil, PuffCuff allows you to create beautiful hairstyles without cinching or damaging hair.

Enjoy family dinner this season, knowing you’re helping another child in need… just by wearing your PuffCuff!

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