The why behind the Kute & Kurly Kid Kollab Bundle

We're excited to tell you about our newest collaboration. We are launching our Kute & Kurly Kid Bundle. We are bringing you a truly unique gift for the holiday season. PuffCuff is collaborating with Cocoa Kids and Healthy Roots Dolls to celebrate the beauty of diversity. Finding representation in our market isn't always easy, especially when we're looking for the perfect gift for the little ones. Our Kute & Kurly Kid Kollab Bundle is $125 + FREE SHIPPING. This bundle is a limited-time limited, quantity offer. It includes Zoe the Healthy Roots Doll, Cocoa Girl Magazine's Afro Candy Issue, the Cocoa Girl Awesome Hair Book, an ORIGINAL PuffCuff Pack in classic black, a MINI PuffCuff Pack in classic black, and TPC Novelty Stickers — who doesn't love a good sticker!

Let's learn about the partners 

If it's your first time meeting us, Ceata E. Lash, the founder of PuffCuff, invented the iconic PuffCuff hair clamp to alleviate the stress, breakage, and headaches associated with the use of elastic hair ties. PuffCuff knows how important it is to help women and girls worldwide switch from having their hair straightened to letting it grow naturally. So, we're offering a hair accessory for individuals with naturally curly hair. There's no need to spend hours in front of the mirror figuring out the perfect hairstyle. PuffCuff makes doing your hair hassle-free. However, our exciting journey did not end there. Our curlfriends' hair health is important to us, so Ceata E. Lash is always brainstorming new ideas to support everyone with textured hair. The best part is that you can use our PuffCuff on your kid's hair and the beautiful Zoe Healthy Roots Doll to achieve the hairstyles in the Cocoa Girl Awesome Hair Book. What little girl doesn't want a mini-me doll? Also, our TPC novelty stickers offer encouragement for our curls and coils. The little ones will love the new stickers; they're a great way to share inspiration. Despite continuously developing new ideas for PuffCuff, Ceata E. Lash also posed with several beautiful brown children for the front cover of Cocoa Girl Magazine's Afro Candy Issue (included in the bundle).

Serlina Boyd founded Cocoa Kids. Cocoa Kids is a publishing company that produces magazines and books to broaden people's understanding and appreciation of our culture. The Cocoa Girl Magazine Afro Candy Issue made history as the first publication of its kind to celebrate young girls in the United Kingdom. Serlina Boyd also created the  Cocoa Girl Awesome Hair Book, which provides tips and tutorials on how to style our hair textures. It's an excellent book for young girls to learn how to care for and style their own hair—giving parents precious time back and eliminating the drama that often comes with doing hair before school. She will be the most fabulous girl in the class with her unique new hairstyles.

The Healthy Roots Doll was designed by Yelitsa Jean Charles, who founded the company to give young girls a sense of agency and celebrate the richness of our diverse culture. Yelista Jean Charles knew the negative effect of the lack of representation in toys on a young girl's self-esteem, leading to the development of Zoe, the Healthy Roots Doll, and her friends Giana and Marisol. Your little one can rock her natural hair with her new ORIGINAL PuffCuff and style, Zoe, with the MINI PuffCuff. They will become inseparable during the holidays. It's like having her own mini-me. 

So take advantage of this chance and get the perfect gift for the little ones this holiday season. 

This Kute & Kurly Kid Bundle is now available while supplies last.

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