What’s New, What is Clear, and What’s Sensational? The New PuffCuff CLEAR!


It’s no secret: PuffCuff is loved by men and women around the world! Now they will have even more to rave about—the PuffCuff CLEAR! It’s the perfect hair styling accessory for those, who have light, bright, bold colored and curly textured hair—even gray. The PuffCuff allows you to be you, and now it also allows your beautiful color to shine through.

The PuffCuff CLEAR literally blends in with any hair color, particularly those with lighter tones. Another great thing about this new product is this: it is even stronger than its predecessor! It is long-lasting and it also won’t cause headaches or damage your hair.

“The PuffCuff CLEAR is the result of us listening to our fans,” says PuffCuff Founder and Inventor, Ceata Lash. “Women with lighter hair color wrote to us asking for a version of our PuffCuff to match their hair color. Instead of creating PuffCuff in various colors, CLEAR was the obvious solution for all! We are so excited to be able to meet their wants and needs. Each new PuffCuff features our patented design for textured hair people of all ages. The new PuffCuff CLEAR will initially, be available in the ORIGINAL and MINI size. If these sizes do well, we will soon offer CLEAR in the JUNIOR and MICRO size.”

“This new product is perfect for my hair because it is the PuffCuff in CLEAR! So it blends in with my hair color,” says PuffCuff Ambassador @curlicue_lu.

Soon after we launched the PuffCuff, we realized that this product was for all hair types and textures. Anyone with textured hair — men, women and children alike have changed their lives by ditching tension-causing hair bands and picking up a PuffCuff Hair Clamp!

That was thrilling, but we did not want to exclude our curly-headed folk with lighter hair colors. They asked, and we answered. The PuffCuff...still the only hair clamp for thick, curly textured hair...now available in CLEAR!

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  • Keely

    Can’t wait for the MICRO size! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, this thin-curled blondie is waiting… 🤞🤞🤞

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