Hydration Vs. Moisturization: What's The Difference?

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between "moisturizing" and “hydrating?" It's common for someone who has curly hair to see these terms used interchangeably. If a product is moisturizing, it must be hydrating too, right? Not really. Fortunately, we are curly hair care experts here at The PuffCuff and we are here to clear up the confusion! Most importantly, we’re here to empower you with the knowledge you need to take care of your curls!

So What’s The Difference?

Hydration and moisturization are very similar, but different at the same time. The best way to think about the difference between products that add hydration and products that add moisture is to think about what they do for your hair. Products that hydrate the hair are meant to add water to the hair follicle, while moisturizing products lock that water in. Hydration is step one, and moisturization is step two. 

Why Are They Both Important for Curly Hair?

The health of your hair directly relates to the amount of water present. Having a healthy amount of water in the hair prevents frizz and breakage which happens when the strands become too brittle. Having hair that is well hydrated will only last a short amount of time if you are not following that hydration with a moisturizing product to seal in all that goodness.

Hydration is fairly easy to achieve, especially on wash day. Saturating your curls in water is the best way to make sure they are fully hydrated. There are also water-based leave in conditioners that help increase hydration, but to lock in that hydration and keep the hair supple and frizz free, you must follow up with a moisturizer. The moisturizer is going to slow down the evaporation of the water and keep that water in your hair strands, exactly where you want it to be. 

What Makes a Product Good for Moisturizing Curly Hair 

The best moisturizers are going to include a blend of oils and butters that will lock in the hydration of your hair. Having a high quality moisturizer is essential. We recommend our LAAAYED® Velvet Souffle Cream Moisturizer. This cream moisturizer locks in hydration with a decadent mix of 7 nourishing butters and oils to smooth out frizz, increase hair elasticity, and maximize moisture for strong, healthy curls. 

How to Incorporate LAAAYED® Velvet Souffle Cream Moisturizer Into Your Natural Hair Regimen

You want to start with wet hair, because remember, wet hair is well hydrated hair. Next, spread the desired amount of the creamy Velvet Souffle through the hair. Comb through with the TangleMaster® Detangling Brush to evenly distribute product on hair and aid with detangling. Follow up with the Argan Oil Styling Gel for extra definition and hold. Once applied, diffuse or allow hair to air dry.

Now you know the difference between hydration and moisturization. Did you learn something new? Pay it forward and share this blog post with the rest of your curly crew, and don’t forget to pick up your jar of LAAAYED® Velvet Souffle Cream Moisturizer.  

By Raeah Carroll

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