Smells like spring; it's time for a SWEEPSTAKES!

Spring is here, the flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and we're ready to give away some prizes! It's time for the Smells Like Spring Sweepstakes!

To celebrate the season of warmer weather, growth, and renewal, we are giving one lucky sweepstakes winner over $1200 in store credit from 9 small businesses, including PuffCuff! We are so excited to partner with these iconic brands to give our grand prize winner beauty, apparel, and wellness.

We know what you're thinking, "HOW DO I WIN?"

Winning is simple and free! Just head over to the official Smells Like Spring Sweepstakes page and enter to win! 

Meet Our Smells Like Springs Sweepstakes Partners

Cocotique: A self-care and beauty subscription box curated for women of color and diverse ethnicities with textured hair. This brand emphasizes the importance of self-care, inviting you to pamper yourself with their monthly subscription boxes full of 5-8 expertly curated beauty, self-care, and lifestyle products delivered to your door (full size & deluxe travel size). They are gifting our grand prize winner with a free 6-month subscription.

My Beautiful Fluff: This brand is dedicated to self-love, encouraging all to "love yourself as you are and embrace the beauty within." Their unique apparel, accessories, journals, and more are crafted to encourage you along your self-love journey. The winner of the sweepstakes will receive a $100 gift card to shop their inventory. 

Voice of Hair:  When founder Brandelyn Green got the scare of her life and was diagnosed with a non-cancerous brain tumor that altered her hormones, causing her hair to fall out, she worked with chemists to develop the hair elixir that would heel her scalp and ultimately spark her business. The brand has expanded to various hair growth products and supplements, all 100% vegan, paraben-free, mineral oil-free, and sulfate-free. They are gifting our winner with a $200 gift card. 

Mommy at Peace: A personal hygiene brand designed for expecting and postpartum mothers, their products are all-natural and vegan, developed specifically to bring moms peace and comfort when they need it most. They have gifted our grand prize winner with a $100 gift card. 

Kushae: This black woman-owned company makes non-toxic feminine care products that are "simple and science-backed," Their holistic routines are crafted to support you at every stage of life. They have gifted our winner a $100 Gift Card.

Bea's Bayou Skincare: Skincare that works with your skin's natural microflora to help soothe your skin fast. Founder Arielle Brown created this line of products to help "the exhausted product-lover who just can't find relief for their troubled scalp and skin." She named her business after her Louisiana-born maternal grandmother, Beatrice, and the bayou Arielle played in as a kid. They have gifted our winner a $100 gift card.  

Brownadges: A 100% black family-owned company that makes bandages in varying tones to match the skin of melanated people. This brand was founded by the husband-and-wife duo Rashid and Intisar. Once they realized that bandages were supposed to be flesh tone and noticed none of the bandages they purchased in stores matched the skin of anyone in their family, they decided to launch Browndages! They have gifted our winner with a $100 gift card.

Allkem Nails: Allkem produces unique, high-quality press-on nails suited to your individual. Featured in Marie Claire and Allure magazines, these salon-quality nails are a healthier alternative to acrylic nails while also being stylish, reusable, and easy to apply. They have gifted our grand prize winner with a $100 gift card.  

Enter to win! 

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