Why Curly Hair is Dry and How to Treat it!

One of the most common concerns among those with curly, textured hair is dryness. Curly hair has its own unique set of challenges when it comes to retaining moisture. Understanding why your hair may be battling dehydration gives you the knowledge you need to add softness, shine, and moisture to your tresses.

Why is Curly Hair Dry?

Your scalp naturally produces oils that travel down your hair strand to help keep hair moisturized. However, when it comes to curly hair, those oils have a harder time distributing, which often time leaves curly hair dry. Combined with excessive shampooing with oil removal products, you'll end up with strands thirsty for moisture! This dryness combined with curly hair's natural brittleness (contrary to popular belief, curly hair is NOT more durable than straight hair), and you can have some severe breakage on your hands.

How To Prevent Dry Hair

So what can you do to combat this dryness? It starts in the shower, where you may be shampooing too often and removing those oh so essential oils that are trying to keep your hair healthy. Shampoos with potent surfactant ingredients remove excess dirt and oil, but can be too good at their job and leave your hair dry from stripping all of your natural oils. To prevent this, use a sulfate-free shampoo or space out shampooing your hair to allow your natural oils to nourish your scalp and strands.

What you do after your shower is just as important as what you do during! Following up your shampoo and conditioning routine with a mask, oil, or leave-in cream will help lock in the moisture from your shower's hot steam. Choosing styling products with hydrating ingredients will help define your natural curl pattern and add moisture to your thirsty tresses. 

After Shower Hair Care

The Moisture & Mend Kit is a curated bundle of LAAAYED products that make your after-shower hair care easy with moisturizing and styling products to define curls. With the Moisture & Mend Kit, you can:

  • Make detangling a breeze with our TangleMaster® detangling brush, based on a modified equine brush with flexible rows for easy and quick detangling.
  • Treat your hair to something unique and lock in moisture from the shower with our Soothing & Nourishing Serum, containing a blend of nutrient-rich oil to treat dryness.
  • Let it air dry with our Silky Smooth Curl Defining Mousse. If you like to get up and go, this crunch-free mousse features a refreshing mix of lightweight moisturizing ingredients that can be used on damp hair and left to air dry or diffuse to define your natural curl.
  • Refresh day-old curls instead of shampooing! Instead of shampooing your hair too often and running the risk of drying out your hair, show your curls a little TLC with our Daily Curl Revitalizing Spray Concentrate to provide a touch of lightweight moisture reactivate curls and make them look like new.

LAAAYED's Moisture & Mend Kit is perfect for adding curl definition and sheen and is available now by clicking HERE!

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