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Worst Salon Experiences w/ Curly Hair | Curly-Haired Worst Salon Experiences

If you have curly hair, you know how difficult it can be to get your style just right – and sometimes it’s even worse when you go to the beauty salon despite popular belief! We asked our curly-haired ladies to share their worst salon experiences, and here’s the scoop when we ladies with curly hair visit the beauty salon.

PuffCuff Fans Share Their Worst Hair Salon Experiences

PuffCuff Facebook fan Phawn T. Edwards says, “It wasn’t the salon for me; it was a life-changing event when you have chemicals like Lithium and Risperidone forced on you – it’ll make you want to live naturally… the perm out and never, NEVER GOING BACK…I wear wigs still, but the creamy crack nah… I’m over it…”

We can’t say we blame her! No stylist should ever force someone to get a treatment she doesn’t want!

Meredith Loos shares: “The list is so long! I have very fine, thin yet wavy/curly hair and somehow very few stylists are ever able to give me a great haircut! I’ll never forget the one time my dad took me to a friend of his – who was a barber, mind you – and he cut the entire crown of my hair separate from the rest! I wound up with this really strange hairstyle that lasted several weeks until it grew out enough that I could go get another trim and have everything cleaned up together! To avoid people noticing the crazy haircut, I wore my hair back the entire time!”

We got some great feedback from our fans over on Instagram. Here’s what they had to share about their worst beauty salon experiences!

@Beautifro_ says, “Having my hair and scalp burnt with a perm when I was in like the 6th grade... it broke off so bad!”

Ceata Lash, our beloved Founder, shares: “A sew-in that was scheduled ahead of me came in late. She was in a wedding that day. My stylist relaxed, washed and conditioned me and set me to the side. I was held hostage for 5 hours with my hair wet (in Chicago in the winter) in 4 big, braided plats (I felt like a four-year-old whose mother didn’t feel like doing her hair!) while she finished the chick that came in late! UUUUGGGHH!!!!” Wow! That’s an awful experience!

@_naturalia piggy-backed on Chicago beauty salon experiences (What’s going on Chicagoland?!): “When I went in for a trim and left with a bob. Also in Chicago lol”

@Ilovemygremlins says, “Going in for a cut and style, I told the lady I had really thick hair. She agreed that I had really thick hair, and then wet my hair to cut it. The style was gone before I even made it home. I wound up looking like Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music for about a week before I finally cut it myself.” That sounds like a stylist who isn’t sure what she’s doing – maybe she was in training or a freshly out of beauty school?

@powerfluffgirl gave her stylists a big surprise when she could understand their comments: “The hairstylists were making fun of my dead ends in Portuguese.”

@chinamorena had a truly remarkable experience: “My mom does hair – I swore every Dominican did hair as good as my momma, so when mom dukes went on vacay to DR, I needed my wash and set so I went to the Dominican hair salon and [the stylist] thought I was [a black person who didn’t speak Spanish]. She started talking in Spanish about how nappy my hair looked, that she would wash my hair with a quick relaxer because it look[ed] like she couldn’t get in it… when she said that, I blew up in her face with all types of #Coño and #MalditaSea, and explained how my hair may look a certain way but at least it was healthy… I will never cheat on my mom ever again hahaha and I said be careful what [you say because you never know if the other person will understand]!”

@wrighteous93 experienced a truly horrendous perm job – the weekend before a huge event! “The perm didn’t get washed out completely, and the next day, all of my hair was matted together so I had to go back to get it washed and styled. Btw, this was the weekend of my prom/the weekend I met the love of my life in person.”

Share Your Worst Hair Salon Experience with PuffCuff!

We can’t believe some of the things our fans have experienced in the salon! Curly hair, whether natural or styled, should never be balked at – as these testaments go to show! Do you have curly hair and want to share some of your worst hair salon experiences? Send us your comments on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

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Worst Salon Experiences w/ Curly Hair | Curly-Haired Worst Salon Exper