Hair density and curl type play a significant role in determining the right PuffCuff for you. If you believe the suggested PuffCuff is too small, DO NOT FORCE it around your hair! Either gather less hair or, instead, try the next size up. THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX! Use smaller PuffCuffs to hold smaller hair sections. Make multiple puffs, ponytails, frohawks, or half-up/half-down styles. Remember, the PuffCuff should feel secure but never tight.


What Your Curlfriends Are Saying…

What really attracted me to this product was the quality of the material. The metal link is secure, it keeps the clip from popping and my hair from slipping out. Additionally, I appreciate the options in sizes to choose from.


Purchased Puff Cuff because I didn’t want my teens to have those underdeveloped natural styles. Lol. Mission accomplished. I love them❤️


I got these for my 3 year old who hates to have her hair tied up. She will tear anything out of her hair. These work great and she actually wore it all day without noticing it. When she finally did notice it and pull it out it didn't take her hair with it.


I absolutely love the Puffcuffs!! My four year old daughter has really tight 4c hair, and she didn't mind me putting two puffs in her hair using the Puffcuffs. We love them!


I could never seem to get it right when I tried to wear a half-up style. A ponytail holder just pulled the front too tightly, and I was left with a ball atop my head (like the pompom on a winter hat). This PuffCuff Junior is a problem solver! It allows my puff to maintain fullness for a very cute finished look.