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A Notice to PuffCuff Fans: Beware of Fake PuffCuffs in Texas and New York

We wanted to write this special notice to our fans to make you aware that our invention—the idea that we put years of research, hard work, and devotion into— has been stolen. Yes, stolen.

Thanks to a PuffCuff fan and customer, it was brought to our attention in late August that a company based in New York has duplicated our product with cheaper material, stolen our branding, redid the packaging and even renamed the product. In taking our marketing materials and designs – the copycat product has even gone so far as to add “Designs Patent Pending.” Our Founder, Ceata Lash, is deeply hurt by this impersonator because she has dedicated her life to creating PuffCuff through her hard work, sweat, tears and her family's personal savings. These fake PuffCuffs are currently being sold in beauty stores located in the Bronx of New York City and in Texas (to our knowledge).

We cannot condone this action, and wanted to make it known that we are highly disappointed and saddened that a person or company would act in such a careless and reckless manner by intentionally attempting to get away with recreating a patented product and brand that simply isn’t theirs.

As dedicated PuffCuff fans, we urge you not to purchase these copycat products, as this company has stolen our designs and discounted all of the hard work that we have put into creating a high quality product that enhances our customers’ lives. It greatly saddens us that we have to write this post, but we want you to know that we are aware of these copycat PuffCuffs, and are working diligently to have these knock-off products removed from the market.

From what we have discovered, these copycat products are only being sold at beauty stores in New York and Texas, but we urge our fans to let us know if you find them in any other cities. This company is going under the name "Feel Free World" which is imprinted on the inside of the fake hair clamps. They have renamed our hair clamp “Puff Up,” and again, they have stolen our marketing materials and licensed photos in an attempt to defame our products. It is truly deplorable that the person behind the “Puff Up” has created a fake version of the PuffCuff, stolen our branding and marketing materials and is now attempting to sell it.

Our legal team is working diligently to have this product removed. We urge our fans to notify us of any of these impostor products so that we can continue to take the appropriate legal action to protect our patented and trademarked products and our brand. Swift legal action will be taken against any and all who chose to infringe on the PuffCuff product, trademark and brand. If you see any brands attempting to impersonate PuffCuff, please contact our team at with the location, date of sighting, and photo (if possible).

Many of you have been with us on this journey even before we began selling our first PuffCuffs in 2014. We truly find it unbelievable that this would be done. Thanks in advance for all of your understanding and support.

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A Notice to PuffCuff Fans: Beware of Fake PuffCuffs in Texas and New Y