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A Quick Chat With Our New Brand Ambassadors

​​We are excited to officially announce our first group of Brand Ambassadors for PuffCuff! Our new ambassadors are Tshenelle "Nelly B" Bethel, LaToya "L. Marie" Thompson, and Danika Harrison (pictured above from left to right).

Many of you know that we've been encouraging PuffCuff fans to apply for our Brand Ambassador program since mid-summer. After meeting many great candidates, we identified three new ambassadors who we believe embody the mission of PuffCuff and they wear it well!

As we spent several weeks training these naturalistas, we got to know them a little better. With each of these ladies having such a strong affinity and thoughts about natural hair, we decided to share some words of wisdom in an interview that highlights who they are, who inspires them, and what led them to PuffCuff. 

​Here's what they had to say.


Team PuffCuff: Tell us a little about yourself….where are you from? What do you do for work and for fun?

Nelly B: I’m from the beautiful twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago. I'm a Web & Social Media Officer, former plus size model, Co-Founder and PR Officer for the Nappy Roots (6 Degrees of Napp) Natural Hair Company and Co-Administrator for the Caribbean Ppl with Natural Hair group. I’m a firm believer in the power of a smile and all things positive and uplifting, and I always encourage others to love themselves and embrace their God given beauty. For fun I write, I try my hand at DIY every now and again and I love to go to the beach and other places where I’m surrounded by nature. I also love sketching and drawing, but singing is my first love.

L. Marie: My name is LaToya (L. Marie) Thompson also known as Forever Natural. I am from Atlanta, Georgia and a property manager by day/natural hair blogger by night. I love creating positive energy, giving back to my community, diversity, traveling and most of all "I'm More RELAXED Being NATURAL.” I recently got in engaged to the love of my life and mother of a sweet 4-year-old Pomeranian.

Danika: I am originally from Connecticut, but I now live in North Carolina. I love to work out, dance, and I'm obsessed with my role as a mom and newlywed.


Team PuffCuff: L. Marie, we’ve talked to you about the inspiration behind your blog Forever Natural, tell us more about it.

L. Marie: I named it Forever Natural because so many [people] think being natural is just a phase like many other hot things in our society today. I beg to differ. I believe natural hair and going natural is here to stay. So I named my blog Forever Natural. I could never imagine perming my hair. My natural hair is what makes me different and while many say "I am NOT my hair," I love to say my hair is who I am—Bold, Beautiful and FREE!

picture above: L. Marie Thompson models her favorite naturall curly looks and photo from a recent event where she represented PuffCuff.


Team PuffCuff: Nelly, you also have a great blog and YouTube page that caters to the Caribbean community. What inspired you to start that blog?

Nelly B: I started vlogging and blogging back in 2012 because at that time, I felt as though there wasn’t any real presence of Caribbean vloggers/bloggers who were still based in Caribbean. My blog and channel are dedicated to my natural hair journey, self-love and issues on body image primarily, but from time to time, I will show bits of pieces of what goes on in my personal life. What I love most is being to share on my experiences from a Caribbean perspective.

picture above: Nelly Bethel models the PuffCuff and shares some of her favorite styles.


Team PuffCuff: How did each of you first learn about PuffCuff and what made you try it?

Danika: I first saw it featured on natural hair page on Instagram, and after stalking the page I caved in. The product was inexpensive and I figured I didn't have much to lose. Once it came in the mail I was so glad that I ordered it.

L. Marie: I first learned about PuffCuff through an Atlanta Braider Fatima (Natastic Hair). I was a model for her braid photo shoot and in our swag bag she gave us a PuffCuff. I have been in love since.

Nelly B: I first heard of the PuffCuff through one of my YouTube sisters and was instantly intrigued by it. I’d never seen a tool like it before and wanted to see for myself if it was really worth the hype. Hands down it is one of the best hair styling tools a curly girl can have.


Team PuffCuff: Danika, what and who inspires you about your natural hair when it comes to styling?

Danika: I love simple and easy styles. My work schedule and mommy life often times are hectic and I love a quick fix. Oh and the bigger the better! I have way too many curly icons. @Moknowshair, @curlygirlmomo, and @naturally_curla just to name a few.

picture above: Danika Harrison models the PuffCuff before she goes to the gym and shows are few more natural styles.


Team PuffCuff: Same question to you Nelly and L. Marie.

Nelly B: Time. My hairstyles are usually those that can be done quickly since I don’t have too much time to experiment with more elaborate hairstyles. The PuffCuff has been a life saver when it comes to styling my hair. My natural/curly hair icon is my Mom. She went back natural when I was in my early teens, and in my late teens decided to loc to her hair. Her locs are now waist length. She’s always taught me to embrace my natural hair, love it, learn to care for it and would even suggest hairstyles.

L. Marie: My inspiration for styling my hair is simple. Keep it simple and I will cause less damage. I love to watch YouTube and try new styles. My natural hair icon is currently Chanda Panda. Chanda is the little sister of the famous natural hair guru Chime. We went to college together and I watched her transition from the Cassie cuts to her current BIG, BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL afro. Plus she's a doll and easy on the eyes.


Team PuffCuff: Final question. What tips would you give someone trying the PuffCuff for the first time?

L. Marie: Read the directions. Gather your hair FIRST. And moisturize your hair—trying to gather dry hair causes breakage.

Danika: Gather your hair first! I promise it works. Yes it will all fit (including the smaller sizes). Keep a PuffCuff in your car because it will become your best friend.

Nelly B: It’s always a good idea to brush your hair up into one apply you’ve applied your products. It makes it much easier to gather your hair before you use the PuffCuff. Practice makes perfect. You may feel odd putting it in for the first time, but as you get the hang it, you will see for yourself how easy the PuffCuff is to use. And have fun! The different PuffCuff sizes lend themselves to so many different styles. So experiment with them and have fun in the process.


Keep up with our brand ambassadors and get more natural hair tips from them anytime.

Find Nelly B on her blog: A Day in the Life of Nelly B. Plus, watch her videos on YouTube [Blessed Nelly 16] and connect with her on Instagram [Blessed Nelly] or Facebook [ADayInTheLifeofNellyB].

Check out L. Marie’s Forever Natural page on Instagram [iAmForeverNatural_] Facebook [iAmForeverNatural] and Twitter [ForeverNaturaL3].

And follow Danika on Instagram.

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A Quick Chat With Our New Brand Ambassadors