WE GOT YOU FAM! Awwhhh…PuffCuff Brought IT — to #CurlfestAtlanta2019


We Got You Fam Tent


It's only been three weeks since CURLFEST® ATL, and we're already feeling the nostalgia. With cover-ready street style, hair stretched towards heavens, and unmatched energy—CURLFEST oozed blackness, and we just aren't ready to let it go! 

Our booth was filled with love, happiness, and curls. We had the official PuffCuff Stylists and Influencers on deck. We showed up and showed out because that’s the only way we know-how. 



As proud sponsors of the event, we want to thank all of our curlies for showing up and SHOWING OUT! Seeing all of your lovely curls and coils up in a PuffCuff brought us more joy than we can handle! We think it's safe to say that CURLFEST's first year in the "A" will be one for the books.



It was evident on their faces. The women at the event weren't just walking into the festival, they were walking into a safe space. Space where women cheer each other on, giving praise readily and joyfully! An environment free from the pressures of the world to mold ourselves into ideals that were not created with us in mind.

Not here. No, ma'am. At CURLFEST, we shine!

CURLFEST gave us a space to be our most authentic selves without fear of being too loud, too bright, too big—or all-around too much. Curlfest served as a place where women did not feel inclined to dim their light. They stood in line to let us cuff their puffs. Each one leaving with a renewed sense of confidence in a product made especially for them.



Smiles and energy radiated brightly enough to blind those who were not made of the same sunlight. Hairstyles and outfits were intricate enough to confuse those that do not comprehend our artistry. Both hair and personalities were so big that you either have to level up or move out of the way.



We did not have to make ourselves easy to understand.
We did not have to make ourselves palatable.
We did not have to dim our light in order to make anyone else comfortable.

At CURLFEST, we chose to be whole, bright, creative, big, beautiful, and unapologetically black. 


OFFICIAL PUFFCUFF STYLISTS: Lavida of Coiled SalonFatima of Natastic. OFFICIAL PUFFCUFF INFLUENCERS: @naliabaybee  @naturally_curla  @hopelessfromantic  @bycraigalexandar


CURLFEST is so much more than just hairstyles. It is our reminder of how we choose to live our lives. We exist in our truth, and those who are uncomfortable with that truth are forced to get out of the way. Yeah, cuz — We Got You FAM!

It was a wonderful experience and PuffCuff was thrilled to be part of the very first CurlFest Atlanta experience. Just because the festival is over doesn’t mean you can’t continue to follow our journey. Follow us on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

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