BEWARE OF FAKE PuffCuffs! They are popping up like ROACHES!

First things first—PuffCuff Hair Clamps are NOT and NEVER will be sold in any Asian-owned beauty supply store! This is the reason why. This blog is to notify everyone our invention—the idea we dedicated years of research, hard work, stress, sweat and devotion to—the PuffCuff, is actively being knocked off. Korean and Chinese manufacturers who provide product to national beauty supply stores (which are 99% Asian-owned) stole our concept. Yes, we said it "they STOLE it!" And they are hoping the curly-haired and African-American community of consumers will lack moral character and purchase their counterfeit products.

The first counterfeit product was brought to our attention in 2016 thanks to PuffCuff fans. A New York plastics company created a mold from our product. Produced the hair clamp using cheap material, stolen branding, copied packaging and a new name that could easily be confused with PUFFCUFF. In addition to taking our marketing materials and designs — the copycat product has even gone so far as to add “Designs Patent Pending" to their packaging. Our owners, Ceata & Garrett Lash, are deeply hurt by this impostor. They have dedicated their lives to creating PuffCuff through hard work, sweat, tears and their family's savings. Cease and deceit letters have been delivered, but these fake PuffCuffs are still being sold in Asian-owned beauty supply stores in New York City, New Jersey and other cities along the east coast.



Again 2017 and currently a second knock-off is being spotted in Korean owned beauty supply stores in Georgia, Louisiana, Alabama, Texas, Tennesee, and the Carolinas. 



Again in late 2017, a fan alerted us to another crude knock-off of PuffCuff Hair Clamp. This inferior knock-off is actively being sold in Asian-owned beauty supply stores across Georgia, Louisiana, Alabama, Texas, Tennesee, and the Carolinas. And probably many more states. They were even spotted in an Atlanta BLACK-OWNED boutique and beauty supply store. The African-American female owner of this store was notified of the illegal products but refused to divulge her source or distributor of the counterfeit product. Most disturbing yet very eye-opening (SMH!).

We DO NOT condone this action. We are highly disappointed and saddened that a person or company would act in such a careless and reckless manner by intentionally attempting to get away with recreating and retailing a US double patented, MADE IN THE USA product and brand that just isn’t theirs. It is indeed deplorable that the person behind the “Puff Up” and the "Hair Ring" has created fake, sub-par versions of the PuffCuff, stolen our branding and imagery and is attempting to sell it to its patrons.

As dedicated PuffCuff fans, we urge you not to purchase these copycat products, as these manufacturers have stolen our designs and discounted all of the hard work that we have put into creating a high-quality product that enhances our customers’ lives. It greatly saddens us that we have to write this post, but we want you to know that we are aware of these copycat PuffCuffs, and are working diligently to have these knock-off products removed from the market. And let's just be direct — if you, the consumer, don't patronize these beauty supply stores and purchase these knock-offs, these beauty supply stores will no longer be interested in it.

Our legal team is working diligently to have these products removed. We urge our fans to notify us of the beauty supply's name and address retailing any of these impostor products. By doing this, it will enable us to continue to take the appropriate legal action to protect our patented and trademarked products and maintain the integrity of our brand. Swift legal action will be taken against any and all who choose to infringe on the PuffCuff product, trademark and brand. Again, if you visit any stores attempting to sell impersonated PuffCuffs, please contact our team at with the store name and address, date of sighting, and photo (if possible).

Many of you have been with us on this journey even before we began selling the first PuffCuff in 2014. It's not unbelievable that this is being done, but we will not stand by and watch it happen. Thanks in advance for all of your understanding, loyalty and support.


  • Marilyn

    This is terrible! I hope you get this blatant theft of your great product removed.

  • Tink

    They are also being sold in Philadelphia

  • LaTasha Curtis

    I have seen both online and I keep saying I am going to try for me and my daughter. I know it’s not right but a lot of people probably are getting ringlet because of price and accessibility. I know u pay for quality but the price for puff cuff is steep. Do yall have any discounts besides 10 percent. I would have to spend a lot for 2 large and 2 medium. THANKS

  • yolande

    I felt very bad after reading this because I searched and searched for your product and only found this in stores. Yes it is very poorly designed, and I will be purchasing the real one. Thanks for showing detailed pictures and providing this information.

  • Denise F.

    I live in Boston, Ma and I have seen an imposter Puff Cuff. I will definitely obtain store name asnd address and try to get a picture or just buy one so I can send it you. Trying to do my part.

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