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Celebrating PuffCuff’s 3rd Birthday: The Story of PuffCuff and Interview With Ceata Lash

We're happy to celebrate our 3rd birthday for PuffCuff! PuffCuff was born out of our founder's personal need for a hair clamp that wouldn’t snag or pull her natural curls and waves. If you're a fan of PuffCuff, we're sure you can relate to this, too! The truth of the matter is, just over three years ago, there wasn't a single hair accessory on the market that could do what PuffCuff does. And there still isn't!

Now that we’re celebrating our 3rd (yes, 3rd!) birthday, we wanted to take it back to the roots with Founder Ceata Lash and learn about her inspiration, her challenges and where she sees PuffCuff going in the many years to come!

Read below to see details during a one-on-one sit down with PuffCuff's founder and inventor, Ceata Lash.

Founder Ceata Lash’s Inspiration to Create the PuffCuff

From its inception, PuffCuff has been a family-oriented business, and it all started with Ceata's 99-year-old grandmother, who she says, “was my heart, and I loved her dearly. In our quiet moments together, I often wondered, ‘Did she do everything she wanted to do in her long life? Did she pursue all of her dreams?’”

When the answer was an extremely confident, “YES,” Ceata began to wonder if she would be quite at peace when looking back on her life if she were granted 99 years. When she couldn’t say for certain that she would be at peace, Ceata says she, “decided I had to try; if I failed, it wouldn’t be for lack of trying.”

What started as a shelfed dream became PuffCuff: “PuffCuff, LLC. launched in November of 2013, and the first PuffCuff was available for purchase in February 2014! Ceata said, “Here I am!” and took the leap!

What Sets PuffCuff Apart from other Hair Accessories?

Ceata is often asked, “How is the PuffCuff different than a banana clip or comb?”

Ceata says: The PuffCuff’s unique teeth are designed to lock into the texture or curl of your hair and hold the clamp in place – NOT to glide through the hair like a comb or banana clip. I realized that most, if not all, hair styling accessories on the market today are designed for straight, thin hair – NOT for my naturally thick, curly, course hair!

Though the concept of PuffCuff  is similar to the familiar banana clip, it functions differently because it works with your hair instead of against it. Existing products, like the banana clip and elastic bands, cinched my hair to its smallest point of resistance, creating “bunny tail hair” (not a good look for a grown woman), hair breakage, damage to the accessory and pure frustration for me!

As such, our product requires users to follow the usage directions to have a successful experience because it doesn’t pull your hair tight – it’s designed to hold your hair comfortably without tugging, snagging or pulling.


Check out this video for step-by-step instructions (and see why PuffCuff is different from other hair accessories!):


Small Business Challenges & Faith

Though small business is the crux of American society and the starting point for building the American Dream, small business ownership is not without its challenges, from funding to marketing to execution.

Regarding the challenges she’s faced as a small business owner, Ceata says: I’ve never been at a point of  ‘throwing up my hands’ and walking away. Despite the “many instances where we had no idea how we were going to pay a supplier or vendor,” my husband turn back to God. My husband and I truly believe God has ordained this whole process, and He is in control. We listen and wait for His word. We will not quit until He says it’s time to stop. So far, he has placed the right person to accomplish a particular goal or get past a certain hurdle at the right time…Without faith in Him, PuffCuff would be impossible.

Meditating on my favorite scripture Proverbs 3:5 & 6; “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he will direct thy path.” – helps us to not become overwhelmed by the big picture and instead focus on the immediate situations at hand.

We realize sometimes you have to get out of your own way and let God do his thing. That’s our philosophy, and it has enabled us to continue on this path.

What's Next for PuffCuff & Where to Find Us

There are so many wonderful things going on here at PuffCuff, and we can’t wait to share them with you! We’ve been working diligently with our various teams and brand ambassadors to continue spreading the word about PuffCuff because we aren’t currently in “your local big box store,” which Founder Ceata Lash hints may be in the future (Wink, wink!).

We recently expanded our sales to We also still hold true to offering specials when purchases are made directly through our website. Shipping for US orders is free and shipping for international orders has a flat rate of only $5.99 USD. We also offer wholesale opportunities to online boutiques, salon owners and brick and mortar retailers. International distribution plans are currently in the works within the next 12 months, so keep an eye out for our expansion! 

Does Ceata's story inspire you? Post your comments today and throughout our birhday weekend on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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Celebrating PuffCuff’s 3rd Birthday: The Story of PuffCuff and Intervi