Closing out Black History Month

It’s been a busy and exciting Black History Month for TPC! We kicked it off with a bang on Good Morning America and are ending it on a high note after an inspiring event in Atlanta with Sally Beauty and The Black Hair Experience this past weekend. “Rooted in Success” was an immersive experience celebrating hair, community, and culture. TPC had products on display, in the gift bags, and we did product demos. I was honored to speak on a panel with really impressive Black women founders and leaders in the Black hair care space. We talked about the challenges of being an entrepreneur, why we do what we do, and how we hope to impact our communities and the next generation.

I’ve always been very clear on what inspired me to start my company. When I transitioned to natural, there were no accessories that let me effectively and safely style my thick, coarse hair. And when my 99-year old grandmother came to live with my family for her final days, her presence reminded me that I wanted to be like her and be able to say that I had pursued all of my dreams.

I’ve also always been very transparent on how challenging it is to be a Black female founder. It is really hard work, and it takes constant resolve and dedication to keep pursuing this dream year after year, despite the obstacles that come up. What keeps me going is my strong belief that this company is bigger than me. I do this work to remind my community that their hair is beautiful, and that they can embrace the natural curls that God gave them. And when I hear all of the stories from women (and men!) who have benefitted from using my products, it gives me the strength to keep pushing. This is why I say that there would be no PuffCuff without you, my community of supporters.

And this is why I’m coming to you, my community, to help me continue growing this brand. We have a real opportunity to not just make an impact in the Beauty industry, but to break barriers and create paths for future Black women entrepreneurs to follow. I truly hope you will consider making an investment in PuffCuff through our WeFunder campaign so we can continue our work of empowering and inspiring Black women. 

Click to invest and grow your portfolio while making a lasting impact.

As always, thank you for your support.

Founder, The PuffCuff

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