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Adoption has always been close to my heart. My son Greisen was brought into our family through adoption and my father is also adopted. When we adopted my son we worked closely with the The Ardythe and Gale Sayers Center for African American Adoption at the Cradle (or the Sayers Center for short) because of the services and assistance they provided to guide us through the process. In honor of November being National Adoption Awareness Month, PuffCuff will be donating $1 to the Sayers Center for every PuffCuff purchased. By giving back we can help the Sayers Center continue their amazing work of helping families who are interesting in adopting. The Sayers Center assists with adoption fees and provides vital cultural awareness education to assist non-black parents with learning about the cultural differences between themselves and their new children.

We first started tinkering with the thought of adopting another child early into our marriage but we didn’t embark on the long process of adoption until May of 2010. With the guidance and assistance provided by the Sayers Center, we were given the opportunity to adopt our son Greisen who is now 9. Many things came naturally to us, including taking care of his curly hair. Heck, his mother invented the PuffCuff! But not all parents can say that, and oftentimes parents with straight or wavy hair do not have the knowledge required to take care of a child’s curly hair. When you think about it, individuals with straight hair have to learn a whole different set of rules to care for curly hair.

Luckily, we live in an age where information is abundant and the market for natural hair is much more readily available and diverse than it has been in years prior. Here are some great resources for parents looking to learn more about curly hair:

  • - Keep up with the latest curly news, trends, tutorials, and haircare with one of the internet's top curly hair resources.
  • - A resource for all things health and wellness, BlackDoctor’s hair care articles dive deep into how to care for coils and curls.
  • Natural Hair Kids - The blog companion to their Instagram account, @NaturalHairKids, provides invaluable tips on curly kid hair care.
  • PuffCuff Ambassadors - Our PuffCuff Ambassadors are curl experts who are always sharing tutorials and advise on how to care for all types of curly hair.
  • PuffCuff YouTube Channel - Our YouTube channel provides a plethora of tutorials that are easy to follow and replicate using the PuffCuff for tension free styling and LAAAYED® styling tutorials.

If you have a curly hair resource that you love, or are going through the adoption process yourself, leave a comment below! 

If you’re interested in adopting and want to learn more about the Sayers Center, you can head to their website here


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