Our Ambassador Program is in full swing and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for you! We are excited to introduce you to our official PuffCuff Ambassadors!



This wavy lady loves sharing her curly hair care tips and encouraging others to embrace their unique natural beauty. You can find her creating easy and accessible updos for the curly girl on the go. Follow @TheJoyfulWavy for more hair care tips and Puffcuff tricks!


Need a PuffCuff styling tutorial, or four? Lulu has them all! To round out your look she’s constantly sharing her chic #OOTD alongside tips that add bounce and definition to curly hair.

PUFFCUFF VIDEO #1: (CLICK TO VIEW) Lulu shows how the MICRO can be used to hold her curls in a half-up-half-down style.

PUFFCUFF VIDEO #2: (CLICK TO VIEW) How many updos can you do? Lulu creates four updo looks with the PuffCuff!


Latina beauty enthusiast Karen is a pro at testing out all things beauty, including different methods to refresh and accentuate her curls.

PUFFCUFF VIDEO #1: (CLICK TO VIEW) Need to switch up your style? Karen transitions from a ponytail to a tousled bun in a matter of seconds using a PuffCuff JUNIOR!


This young curly cutie is a curly-hair specialist and licensed cosmetologist who is both multifaceted and multi-racial. She loves helping other mixed individuals embrace their curls and culture with styling tips and self-love advice.

PUFFCUFF VIDEO #1: (CLICK TO VIEW) Want to see how Sydney rocks her sky high ponytail without any dents or tension? All you need is a PuffCuff MINI!



This curly momma of three is passionate about helping women love their bodies and curls, and embracing who God made them to be! The PuffCuff is an important part of her fitness routine and a “mommy-life” saving grace because it creates quick styles on the go.

PUFFCUFF VIDEO #1: (CLICK TO VIEW) She makes it look easy! Danielle wears her PuffCuff from her morning workouts to the bus stop, helping make her days run smoothly.


Curl lover and mother, there isn’t anything she can’t do! You can find Analia sporting curls as bouncy and vibrant as her personality, constantly serving looks and styles.

PUFFCUFF VIDEO #1: (CLICK TO VIEW) Tension headaches begone! Analia talks about the tension free design of the PuffCuff and shows off her favorite way to use it.

PUFFCUFF VIDEO #2: (CLICK TO VIEW) You want versatility? Analia uses all of the PuffCuffs she has to create different styles with her curly tresses!


From corporate to curly, Liz helps save curls worldwide with her own curated store and curly-care blog. Inspired by her love for curly hair, she’s constantly sharing her tips and tricks!

PUFFCUFF VIDEO #1: (CLICK TO VIEW) Anytime is the right time for a PuffCuff! Take a look at all of the different ways Liz uses hers to style her hair whether it's on-the-go or at home

PUFFCUFF VIDEO #2: (CLICK TO VIEW) Liz shows off how her curls get a good night's sleep by using the PuffCuff 100% Silk Bonnet to keep her curls in shape overnight.


She’s a mother who finds time to take care of her kids and her curls all while running a blog. Gabriella is an advocate for the Curly Girl Method, constantly sharing her progress and tips along the way.

BLOG POST: Gabriella talks about how she incorporates the PuffCuff into her nighttime routine to protect her curls and how the PuffCuff is so comfortable you can even go to bed in it!


Mell doesn't only have a stunning mane, but she helps others get one too! She's a stylist who specializes in textured hair and shares pro tips on her Instagram and Youtube channel.


This curly Georgia native loves exploring Atlanta just as much as he loves discovering curl enhancing products. His content is a tutorial gold mine on how to define and add shine to curls!

PUFFCUFF VIDEO #1: (CLICK TO VIEW) Easy and stylish, Jordan shows you how he rocks his low ponytail using a PuffCuff MINI.

PUFFCUFF VIDEO #2: (CLICK TO VIEW) Experience the #PuffCuffNSallyBeauty launch first hand with Jordan with a behind-the-scenes look at this momentous occasion!



Whether it be wash day or product reviews, this natural hair blogger sports her medium length curls with pride! Join Tabitha on her journey of motherhood and curly haired inspiration.

PUFFCUFF VIDEO: (CLICK TO VIEW) Checkout this simple tutorial on how Tabitha uses the PuffCuff to create carefree styles that can be rocked everyday!


The headache-free design of the PuffCuff allows Cherelle to focus on her research while keeping her hair up all day. This research scientist loves the PuffCuff for the office and loves it at home too because it makes styling her daughters hair easy!

PUFFCUFF VIDEO: (CLICK TO VIEW) Looking good doesn’t have to be hard! Cherelle creates a quick and easy layered bun using the PuffCuff JUNIOR perfect for the office or at home.

PUFFCUFF CONTENT: The PuffCuff is for everyone in the family! Cherelle’s daughter uses the TEENY and the MICRO to gather braided styles free of hair tension and breakage.


She's a Harlem girl who stays true to her Afro-Dominican roots! She gives us the full package with a head of beautiful curls and makeup as bright as the African inspired prints she sports.

PUFFCUFF VIDEO: (CLICK TO VIEW) Yaniris shows off how the PuffCuff lets her achieve her favorite style in almost no time flat, all without causing tension or stress on her hair.


A self-proclaimed “curly hair aesthetician” who rocks his sleek, wavy curls in his favorite styles — afro puffs, braids, twists, and pineapples. You can trust Wolfgang with all of your protective style questions.

PUFFCUFF VIDEO: (CLICK TO VIEW) Wolfgang demonstrates why he loves the damage-free design of the PuffCuff, avoiding tension and damage so he can continue to grow his strands.


This Floridian embraces his natural hair and self to the fullest. He shares this love on his Instagram and Youtube channel so that others can pineapple, twist, and puff their hair to their delight.

PUFFCUFF VIDEO: (CLICK TO VIEW) Messy hair before a Zoom call isn’t a problem anymore! Gather your hair, grab a PuffCuff, and you’re set for the day!


She may be tiny but her curls are plenty! Many call her the sweetest little girl on this planet, with big hair and an even bigger personality!

PUFFCUFF VIDEO #1: (CLICK TO VIEW) How much more cute can she get? Here are three different half-up-half-down styles paired with the cutest outfits ever!

PUFFCUFF VIDEO #2: (CLICK TO VIEW) Watch Karter’s heartwarming tribute, supporting and fighting for those battling breast cancer for #BreastCancerAwareness Month.


She's as stylish as they come and a force when it comes to beauty know-how. Think of her as the friendly popular girl who is always sharing hair hacks.

PUFFCUFF CONTENT #1: More PuffCuffs means more styles! Asea uses multiple PuffCuffs in different sizes to make three day old hair look fresh.

PUFFCUFF CONTENT #2: Asea takes one of our most popular packs, the FAMILY Pack, a spin with two quick and easy styles using the ORIGINAL, JUNIOR, MINI, and MICRO!


Whether she’s walking down the runway or rocking a photoshoot, this natural hair diva is slaying the natural hair game.

PUFFCUFF VIDEO #1: (CLICK TO VIEW) Celai is feeling the sleigh bells in this festive Christmas style using the PuffCuff and Christmas decorations.

PUFFCUFF VIDEO #2: (CLICK TO VIEW) If anyone can rock Thanksgiving decor, it’s Celai. Peep how she incorporates the turkey season into a tucked bun style.


She’s an IT business analyst, curl expert, and fashionista, leaving not much she CAN'T do. Her motto “glow with the fro” inspires women everywhere to love their hair and natural beauty.

PUFFCUFF VIDEO: (CLICK TO VIEW) Watch how the PuffCuff FAMILY Pack is a perfect choice if you like to constantly change up your style as Ezinne shows four ways you can make the most out of your PuffCuffs on kinky/coily hair.


A full time animal lover, Khristian adores her three cats and guinea pig. When she’s not cuddling her furbabies, she’s a beauty enthusiast who loves the ease and convenience the PuffCuff offers her for her on-the-go, fitness fueled lifestyle.

PUFFCUFF VIDEO: (CLICK TO VIEW) Need a quick style? Khristian’s afro-puff paired with a colorful headband makes it easy to get out the door and look fabulous.


Identical twins Reagan and Payton are a dynamic acting and modeling duo. You can find them in front of the camera and in editorial ads proudly showing off their curls to the world.



This Caribbean naturalista enjoys sharing all things about natural hair and makes it her mission to help other naturals embrace their kinks and curls.

PUFFCUFF VIDEO: (CLICK TO VIEW) Nelly shows us how our Caribbean naturals keep it high and tight, using the PuffCuff like a boss!


Braid it? Twist it? Puff it? Tomi has been there and done that, twice, and is a wealth of hairstyling inspiration for naturals everywhere.



She's a little princess, but only in the best way possible! A fashionista serving us #kiddystyles, this Princess makes her own accessories inspired by her bright and fun style.

PUFFCUFF CONTENT: This little stylinista shows off how she uses the PuffCuff for a quick and easy style that has just as much personality as her outfits!


Skin, hair, and makeup makes her a triple threat. Neutrino’s makeup and curls are always making a statement whether she’s posing or painting for the camera.



An animal-lover and longtime PuffCuff advocate, the PuffCuff is strong enough to hold Brittney’s locs in place all day without being a headache.

PUFFCUFF VIDEO #1: (CLICK TO VIEW) Busy moms love using the PuffCuff because it makes getting ready for the day easy! Check out how Brittney incorporates it into her daily routine.

PUFFCUFF VIDEO #2: (CLICK TO VIEW) The PuffCuff pulls double duty, and is great for men with curly hair too! Brittney shows off how both her and her man use the PuffCuff to make their morning routine a breeze.



Yes, not only are they brothers— they are twins. Wombmates but not roommates, Leithen & Jeiden grew up with the PuffCuff and have inherited a love for textured hair. They take pride in their knowledge on how to style their locs using the PuffCuff to keep their hair in place whether in marching band, running track or hanging with friends. PuffCuff has got them on LOC!

PUFFCUFF VIDEO #1: (CLICK TO VIEW) Are you a loclete? LOL! That's an athlete with locs. Hair getting in the way when you run, play ball, workout? Here's a great way to keep hair out your face using just two PuffCuff Juniors.

PUFFCUFF VIDEO #2: (CLICK TO VIEW) PuffCuff keeps you fly! Check out these trendy styles using PuffCuff styling tools.


Do you have 10,000 or more Instagram followers or YouTube subscribers? If so then the PuffCuff would gladly welcome you to join our crew of PuffCuff Ambassadors.

If you have less than 10,000 Instagram followers or YouTube subscribers to learn how you can become a PuffCuff Affiliate!


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