#DitchTheBand LIVE 2018 – a HUGE success!



#DitchTheBand LIVE – A PuffCuff Experience was a HUGE success! And, many who attended did that very action; they ditched the band!

So, you might be wondering how exactly does one #DitchTheBand? Well, we are glad you asked! One can #DitchTheBand by eliminating unnecessary styling tools like elastic bands and banana clips that cause tension headaches and damage your curls and kinks. Utilizing the PuffCuff Hair Clamp to uphold your tresses will leave you without any stress! To make it official. Join the movement; you can sign the #DitchTheBand pledge by clicking here.

#DitchTheBand LIVE – A PuffCuff Experience held on Saturday, April 7,2018 at The Gathering Spot in Midtown Atlanta, GA proved to be an event not to be taken for granted. 

Despite the cold temps and rain, attendees began coming in droves around 3:45 pm EST. Once checked in, attendees received their #DitchTheBand – JOIN THE MOVEMENT black t-shirt and an Original PuffCuff, then were directed into the main event room.

Several other black-owned businesses were part of the PuffCuff Vendor Row. Attendees were able to visit and make purchases from Noisy Knits, Stolen Outfitters, Two Twisted Sistahs, FEMME NOIRE and Peace of Popcorn. A nonprofit organization, Our Children's Story, was also onsite providing information on how they assist the families of special needs children.

As attendees mingled, they could visit one of four PuffCuff PopUp Salons, where natural hair stylists demonstrated how to properly use the hair clamp. These professional stylists also provided inspiration by demonstrating easily achievable styles by using the PuffCuff that was included in the ticket price and received upon entry into the event.


To top it off, PuffCuff produced a runway hair/fashion show where both male and female models of all shapes, sizes, ages, hair lengths and curl types showed different ways to wear their hair with PuffCuff Hair Clamps.

If you weren't in attendance, here are some quotes from those who were present at #DitchTheBand LIVE – A PuffCuff Experience.

“Today was so wonderful and it was lovely meeting all of you again. I’m looking forward to the next event and I hope to volunteer and be apart of the movement to #DitchTheBand. You all are building a legacy, and I’m happy to contribute in any way. Thanks so much to you and all the sponsors for the samples in the Swag Bags!”
- Shamica W.

“TAKE ME BACK! #ditchtheband was such an experience!! I’m ready for round 2.”
- Miss B

"The event was not too long. The Team PuffCuff was very friendly. Great vendors and AWESOME SWAG BAGS! Great value for the ticket price." 
- esvmom


“I am at the @ThePuffCuff #DitchTheBand event so happy to support my fellow #Sistapreneur & #naturalista and get my PuffCuff!”
- Tokiwa S.

“I’ve been wearing my PuffCuff ever since I got it on Saturday. Needless to say, this has been the BEST tool to keep my hair in a puff. I can usually only wear my hair in a puff for one day due to severe tension headaches from using elastic bands. I’ve worn this puff EVERY DAY THIS WEEK and NO PAIN! I am super sold!”
- @Kempossible88

“And if you didn’t know it we are still apart of the #DitchTheBand #puffcuffgang Some many styles can be created for #MOMMYANDME moments."
- @naturallyodom

“I loved the performance and the runway show. There was so much black love in the room. I loved the fact that people were there to help with putting the PuffCuff on. That way I knew exactly what size PuffCuff I needed.”
- Shae295

Lastly, attendees were able to enjoy an impressive dance presentation by Kimmestry, choreographed by one of Beyoncé’s current dancers and former dancer for the Philadelphia 76ers, Kimmie Gee.

As attendees were leaving the event, they each received a Swag Bag filled with goodies from those who helped to sponsor the #DitchTheBand LIVE event.

Were you unable to attend our first #DitchTheBand LIVE event? If not, you evidently missed something great. Don't be sad cuz we are gonna do it again! Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You don't want to miss information on the next #DitchTheBand LIVE ALT! We just may take this show on the road.


  • Jeanine

    I’m in Chicago and would love to see #ditchtheband on the road. Already in line to buy my ticket and/or be a vendor.

  • Jeanine

    I’m in Chicago and would love to see #ditchtheband on the road. Already in line to buy my ticket and/or be a vendor.

  • Joketa

    I am equally excited that I purchased the Puff Cuff. What a great accessory! I simply love the versatility and it is so much better than wearing bands. Please come to Dallas.
    Thanks again.

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