Empowering HBCU Athletes: The TPC Coils & Curls Care Kit Campaign

We live in a transformative era where athletes are now recognized not just for their prowess on the field or court but also for their influence off the field. The new wave of Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) deals is revolutionizing the way college athletes connect with brands, monetizing their personal brand while still in school. Yet, as is often the case, not everyone gets a seat at the table. Historically Black College and University (HBCU) student-athletes are an exemplary yet often overlooked group in the NIL landscape. But we aim to change that narrative.

Why HBCU Athletes Matter

The challenges HBCU student-athletes face are unique. Many of them are pioneers in their families, being the first to attend college. They juggle rigorous academic schedules with demanding athletic commitments, all while representing their institution with pride and excellence. Despite their immense dedication and talent, major brands often overlook these athletes for NIL deals, leaving them without the financial support many of their counterparts enjoy.

But thanks to a dedicated group of HBCU alumni, former athletes, and community partners, we are on a mission to correct this imbalance. Together, we're championing the cause of HBCU student-athletes, ensuring they profit from the attention and admiration they rightly deserve.

Introducing the Coils & Care Kit by PuffCuff

As a part of our initiative, we're excited to unveil the TPC Coils & Curls Care Kit, exclusively designed for HBCU students. This back-to-campus gift is not just a token of appreciation but a symbol of our commitment to the HBCU community.

Celebrate Your Natural Hair: With both male and female versions, the Coils & Care Kit ensures HBCU students can rock their natural hair with confidence. PuffCuff hair clamps, LAAAYED, and PCM products are your go-to solutions for stress-free hair care on campus.

Inspire the Next Generation: This kit isn't just for current HBCU students. It's a beacon for younger kids and teens aspiring to join an HBCU in the future. It's about igniting dreams and showcasing the pride of belonging to such esteemed institutions.

Collaborate with HBCU Athletes: We're partnering with HBCU athletes through the ICON 1901 platform to amplify our message. Together, we'll promote the Coils & Care Kit and also introduce the College Curl Crew Ambassador Program, giving athletes a platform to earn and shine.

Join the Movement

The TPC Coils & Curls Care Kit is available for a limited time in a limited edition. But its impact will last forever. We invite you to be a part of this mission to uplift and celebrate HBCU athletes and students.

Embrace your natural beauty, exhibit your HBCU pride, and empower those who come after you. Grab your kit, join the movement, and make waves on and off campus!

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