PuffCuff Launches 7 Styling Products for 7th Anniversary-- LAAAYED by PuffCuff.


For our 7th anniversary, PuffCuff is proud to introduce LAAAYED® by PuffCuff! LAAAYED is our very own line of styling products, featuring seven curl friendly products that perfectly complement styles most often worn with the PuffCuff. For years we have taken pride in providing pain-free styling options for natural hair, and now we are taking our mission of being the destination for natural hair solutions one step further. LAAAYED is currently available for pre-order and will ship on October 1st.

When creating LAAAYED we wanted to offer products that directly complemented the natural hairstyles created with the PuffCuff for a perfect pairing. Whether you wear your hair in an afro-puff, want to slick your edges, wear your hair in locs, or wear your curls out naturally, LAAAYED has something for your curly and natural hair styling needs. Learn more about the full line of LAAAYED products, including our new 3-in-1 edge styling brush the EdgeMaster®, below:

Argan Oil Styling Gel

Firm Hold Edge Control

Braid & Loc Pomade

Daily Curl Revitalizing Mist Concentrate

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