Hear our Cry for Curly Hair Supplies - Get PuffCuff in Retail Stores


How many hours of your life do you think you’ll spend picking the perfect hair products? Walking down the beauty aisle and scanning the product assortment can be an overwhelming and time-consuming experience. Women spend an estimated 14,000 hours of their life doing their hair. If you have curly hair, the process will undoubtedly be longer. There are very few hair products for curly or textured hair. PuffCuff was created to fill that hole in the market.

Shopping at your local CVS, Walgreens or Target, you’ll find thousands of hair products, tools, and accessories. While there are many serums and oils, milks and glosses for curly tresses, there are very few styling tools and accessories for textured hair. PuffCuff has initiated communication with these three stores, but we need your support! Let your go-to retailer know that you want them to carry PuffCuff and other tools for naturally curly hair.

CVS is the largest pharmacy chain in the United States, with over 9,600 locations and Walgreens Stores come in second with over 8,000 stores. Last is the bullseye branded Target with over 1,800 stores, combined that’s nearly 20,000 locations with less than a handful of hair products for curly hair. Ladies with textured tresses spend the most money on hair care but have the least amount of options. PuffCuff is the only hair clamp for thick, curly and textured hair. It’s durable, affordable, made in the USA and one of the best products for curly hair. This is a product line for the entire family that can also be used on dreadlocks and braids.

From celebrities like Alicia Keys’ minimal makeup routine to the natural hair movement. The beauty industry is taking notice of changing beauty standards more than ever before. Dollars dictate demand, and we want these retailers to hear our cries for curly hair supplies. With campaigns like "We Want to Help You Be You" from Walgreens, it seems like major retailers are accepting that women want to express their individuality through beauty. However, the limited about of healthy hair styling tools for all hair types points to the contrary.

In the United States, 34% of women have wavy hair while 11% have curly coils according to Natural Curly Hair Facts. Like our straight-haired counterparts, we need easy-to-use styling tools that help us achieve quick hairstyles without damaging our hair. We need to make sure these stores know we will no longer stay quiet. We want our voices to be as attention grabbing as our big bouncing curls.

The first step is requesting that they carry PuffCuff by completing and submitting this online form. Then hop on social media and share a selfie of you loving your luscious locks. Use the hashtag #teampuffcuff and tag your go-to retailer. Let them know that most accessories in their stores are designed for straight, thin hair, not for naturally thick, curly or coarse hair and that needs to change.

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