How to Choose the Best Curl Enhancing Solutions

Curls come in all shapes and sizes. Some curls are loose, others are tightly coiled, and others are styled in locs or protective styles. Knowing your curls' unique needs and characteristics is crucial for picking the right products. To make shopping for your texture easy, we created a PuffCuff Curl Guide to help match your curls with their ideal, tension-free styling tools and products. Click on your hair type below and learn which PuffCuff products are right for you!

Type 2 Curls
Characterized by wavy, beachy curls or a loose corkscrew pattern, type 2 curls can easily frizz, tangle, and crimp when clamped. Those with Type 2 hair may like the TEENY, MICRO, and our LAAAYED™ Silky Smooth Curl Defining MousseShop more options for type 2 curls here.



Type 3 / 4 Curls
Type 3 and 4 curls typically range from ringlets to tight coils, sporting plenty of volume and body. These curls are particularly sensitive to tension and dryness over time. Grab a low-tension PuffCuff from the Just Try It, Curlfriend! Goodie Bag or our non-drying LAAAYED Firm Hold Edge Control paired with the friction-free EdgeMaster™ 3-in-1 Edge Styling Tool. Browse all of our suggestions for Type 3 and 4 curls here.


Locs can form from various hair types when hair naturally mattes together. There are a variety of loc styles, textures, and variances in thickness. Browse our ideal products for locs, including LAAAYED® styling products made to extend the longevity of your styles and provide vital nutrients for your strands. Regardless of the thickness or type of treses, the ORIGINAL, JUNIOR, and MINI offer various products to pick from. Browse all product suggestions for locs here. Browse all product suggestions for locs here.

Braid & Loc Pomade



Braids and Twists
Like switching it up in protective styles? Like natural hair, the PuffCuff is a versatile tool that won't add tension to protective styles and is durable enough to hold long, dense, or heavy hair. Plus, our versatile LAAAYED® Braid & Loc Pomade does wonders for extending the longevity of braided and twisted styles, too! Shop product suggestions for braids and twists here.

EdgeMaster™ 3-In-1 Brush/Styling Tool




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