Minority Inventors collaborate to “Make Things Happen!” in the Personal Care Industry

Ceata Lash, Founder and Inventor of PuffCuff, Joshua Esnard, Founder and Inventor of The Cut Buddy (recently featured on ABC’s Shark Tank) and Ryford Estores, Owner of Self-Cut System have entered a mutually beneficial collaboration to cross-promote each other’s brands and patented personal care products. The Cut Buddy is a hand-held template that helps shape beard and hairlines by functioning as a guide for clippers and razors. The Self-Cut System includes all the tools needed to create an at-home professional quality haircut including a patent-pending three-way mirror, hair clippers and an educational DVD with easy-to-follow tutorials. The Self-Cut three-way mirror also aids in make-up application and hairstyling by allowing the consumer to have an almost 360-degree view of themselves.

Ceata and Joshua were introduced by a mutual business associate who realized these entrepreneurs could help each other reach new potential customers by cross-promoting their products via their respective social media channels. Shortly after that, Joshua introduced Ceata to Ryford, and the collaboration quickly grew to three. The union of the three minority-owned companies will help them reach more men and women to ease the struggle that comes with styling kinky to curly hair textures. All three products are a perfect fit for budget-conscious consumers who aren't afraid of DIY and want to achieve a "barber-quality" line, haircut or hairstyle and self-grooming experience at home.

Recently, Ceata and Joshua met up to exchange stories about the trials and tribulations of minority entrepreneurship, below is the video from that meeting. 

While each brand is currently selling on Amazon, they share the common strategic goal of wanting to expand their online distribution channels, pursue licensing deals and hope that by cross-promoting brands they can increase awareness and sales to achieve their objectives. The three companies have recently posted on each other’s social media platforms and offered promotional codes via incorporating each other’s brand name. “One of the biggest pain points about being a first-time entrepreneur is finding minority entrepreneurial mentors who are willing to help you without asking for money in return. I’m honored that Joshua and Ryford have agreed to work with myself and PuffCuff. Our goal is to learn from each other’s unique experiences to grow our separate businesses and to expand brand awareness for all three companies,” said Ceata. 

A collaborative lifestyle video featuring PuffCuff, The Cut Buddy and Self-Cut System will launch across several social media platforms today. After viewers watch the video in its entirety, they will be able to get a cross-brand discount code to use for purchases on all three websites. 

Use promo code INVNT prior to checkout on all three websites for 15% OFF your total purchase!

www.thepuffcuff.com  |   www.thecutbuddy.com  |   www.selfcutsystem.com

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