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Our Favorite Things

Our beloved PuffCuff is always one of our favs, but Team PuffCuff also uses a variety of other products that make a difference as styling aides. So today we wanted to share what’s on our hit list for hair products we love. These are hair care products and accessories that Team PuffCuff considers favorites, and we’d love to know what products for natural and curly or textured hair are your favorites too!


FAVORITE THING 1: Huetiful Hair Steamer

What It Is: The Huetiful Hair Steamer and hairstyling vapor wand specifically designed to help you quickly and naturally rejuvenate, enhance and enjoy your hair's curls and waves.

Why We Love It: One thing we tell all of our customers is that the best way to use your PuffCuff is when your hair is soft and moisturized. Sometimes that’s hard to do especially if you can’t always wash or wet your hair before using your PuffCuff. We love Huetiful's Hair Steamer because it was designed with the insight that hydration is the foundation to healthy hair. One more thing we love about Huetiful is that, like us, it's a homegrown enterprise.


FAVORITE THING 2: Kriya Botanicals

What It Is: Kriya Botanicals is a botanically-based organic and natural hair and spa care product line. Ah, just hearing that description sounds soothing.

Why We Love It: There’s a wide variety of styling aids in this hair care line to choose from. The hair moisturizers contain natural ingredients and have no parabens, no mineral oil, no silicones, and no petroleum. And best of all, the hair products work as intended. Even better, Kriya Botanicals has a line of spa products that includes a handmade soap and body polish. This is the type of product that leaves you feeling yummy all over after you apply it! If you want to try a specific product in this line, we recommend Botanical Infusion Healthy Hair Oil-- it's a personal favorite of our founder.



What It Is: Another favorite of ours for hair care and skin products. All Patsie Girl products are handmade using all natural, high quality ingredients. They contain NO alcohol, NO silicone, NO mineral oil, and NO chemicals, basically…no funny stuff, just natural hair products and body care.

Why We Love It: Patsie Girl’s products are all handmade with no funny stuff—no alcohol, silicone, mineral oil, or chemicals. The product was launched in Los Angeles in 2013 and we support homegrown! Two items you might want to try include the Vanilla-Brown Sugar Scrub and you can order a Product Sample Kit to get a feel for their product line in 2 ounce sizes. Patsie Girl’s Spritz Splash Daily Moisturizer is a personal favorite of our founder.


FAVORITE THING 4: Shea Moisture Hair Color System

What It Is: This product is a permanent hair color system with natural and Certified Organic ingredients for any hair type. It has no ammonia and no sulfates and offers salon quality results (when used correctly) at a great value.

Why We Love It: The search is over for a permanent hair color system that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals. When our Marketing Director tried henna, her hair just didn’t take to it. So after finding Shea Moisture’s Hair Color System, she had to try it. We can happily report that this permanent hair color system worked out quite well. The ingredients kept the hair hydrated while adding sheen. The light brown highlights she desired came out as expected and no sacrifice was made by using a product that didn’t have ammonia. We just love it!



What It Is: Ok, this one falls out of the norm for hair products, but we wanted to feature it! Dyna Smiles is a simply adorable line of everyday accessories ranging from coffee mugs to phone cases, wall art, and stationery.

Why We Love It: Carrying accessories by Dyna Smiles just adds a little bit of fun into the mix. We love their big, bright and happy smiles of the colorful character illustrations. They also come in varying skin tones and hair textures and always leave you with something to smile about.


FAVORITE THING 6: PuffCuff Toolbox

What It Is: All the items you need to style your puff wrapped into a handy bundle. The PuffCuff Toolbox contains a Detangling Hair Brush for thick hair, Ultra Smooth Hair Pick infused with Argan Oil, Olive Oil and Keratin, the original 5” PuffCuff Hair Clamp, 100% silk handmade double-sided junior sleep bonnet (fabric color and design may vary), and a 100% cotton natural hair graphic fitted t-shirt.

Why We Love It: How can we not? The Toolbox is exclusively made for anyone who loves and cherishes their hair. It’s also a bit different from other product sample kits because it isn’t filled with shampoos or conditioners—it’s designed for the woman who takes pride in her textured, curly hair. It’s one of the personal favorites of our company’s founder and creator.


FAVORITE THING 7: I Love Me & I Love My Hair T-Shirt Line

What It Is: A t-shirt with an original design by our founder, meant to encourage young girls to be comfortable in their own skin and embrace the beautiful hair they were born with. The I Love Me & I Love My Hair t-shirt is designed for girls and sizes are also carried for women.

Why We Love It: No matter the hair type—wavy, curly, kinky, coily—we want women of all textured hair types to take pride in their beautiful locks and curls. This t-shirt is an outward expression of that pride and we love to share it.


What are your favorite products that help you wear PuffCuff styles? Have a go-to product you want us to try? Let us know at or tag us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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Our Favorite Things