PuffCuff Announces Innovated 3-in-1 EdgeTool, the EdgeMaster

Many things in life are tried and true, and don't change much throughout the years. Case in point is the good ole faithful edgebrush. That is until we bestowed it with the PuffCuff touch and created our very own version! The EdgeMaster features silicone bristles for tug-free styling, an elongated comb tooth for easy sectioning of the hair, and a spatula to easily and evenly apply product. Please help us welcome the EdgeMaster by PuffCuff!


What's New

No longer do you need three different tools to do one job. The EdgeMaster's 3-in-1 design is as versatile as the natural hair that it styles. Use it to section hair, take down braids or two-strand twists, style baby hair, apply gel/edge control, and more. The EdgeMaster is full of innovations, which include:

  • Silicone Bristle Edge Brush: These bristles work with damp hair to style your baby hairs free of tugging to help protect the most delicate hairs on your head from breakage and tension
  • Elongate Comb Tooth: From sectioning hair for easy styling, retwisting locs, or taking down braids, the EdgeMaster features an elongated comb tooth to assist with styling tasks.
  • Spatula: Make slaying your edges easy and mess-free. The spatula side allows for easy application of your favorite gel or edge control (may we suggest the Argan Oil Styling Gel or Firm Hold Edge Control?). Once done, style your edges in one swoop by flipping the brush and using the tug-free silicone bristles located on the other side!

It was a no brainer to include the EdgeMaster with the launch of LAAAYED, PuffCuffs very own line of hair styling products. We wanted to give our customers everything needed to style their natural hair from start to finish! Use the EdgeMaster with a PuffCuff and our Firm Hold Edge Control or Argan Oil Styling Gel to get that LAAAYED look!

Get Yours Today

The EdgeMaster launched as the partner styling tool for LAAAYED in celebration of PuffCuff's 7th anniversary. You can order your EdgeMaster alone or bundled with our Edge Protection Kit to have everything you need to slay your edges! The Edge Protection Kit includes the following items:

  • EdgeMaster by PuffCuff
  • Firm Hold Edge Control
  • Argan Oil Styling Gel
  • Braid & Loc Pomade
  • Velcro Silk Edge Warp

Get yours by clicking HERE and experience the ease and tug-free design of the EdgeMaster.


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