Beat the Heat with the PuffCuff Ditch the Band Summer Tote Giveaway!

We’re kicking off #Summer2018 with a bang as we’re pleased to announce our biggest contest yet — the PuffCuff Ditch the Band Summer Tote Giveaway! We are giving away 5 PuffCuff Summer Totes loaded with summer curly hair essentials to help you ditch the band and comfortably beat the heat. These totes include everything you need to make a fabulously carefree curly summer look!

Imagine your own personal tote filled with the newest hair products and accessories to keep your mane shining and profiling, even while you workout, swim, or just enjoy a little time in the sun. This giveaway is the must-have grab bag that every naturalista needs! Because we love you, our customers, so much, we decided to include not one, but seven natural hair items in your tote bag, which together are valued at $200! Check out what we have packed in the tote for you:

Want to have access to unlimited creativity and styling options? Then, the PuffCuff Family Pack is what you need. Our Family Pack includes 1 ORIGINAL PuffCuff, 1 PuffCuff JUNIOR, 2 PuffCuff MINIS and 3 PuffCuff MICROS. All of these items are made with durable high impact-resistant plastic and contoured fit. This variety pack is a must-have. It’s perfect for your whole curly headed family.

Enjoy your personal hand-held hair steamer specifically designed to help you rejuvenate, enhance, hydrate, add moisture, detangle and stretch your hair in just minutes!

Need a case to keep all your PuffCuffs? Our PuffCuff Round Hardcover Carrying Travel Case is the perfect solution. It can withstand impact and scratches. Keep all your PuffCuffs together and prevent damaging them.

Perfect wrap for curly hair! Handmade from cotton t-shirt material, these large double-sided turbans are what curly girls’ dreams are made of. While you may have a favorite bath towel, if you use it to dry your naturally curly hair, it is probably causing frizz and split ends. Drying your hair with our t-shirt turban leads to frizz-free hair, and it makes a great thermal wrap for deep conditioning. Also, you can use the T-Shirt Turban as a cute and comfortable headwrap when those curls aren't looking their best.

Refresh your tresses with a steady spray! This sprayer bridges the gap between triggers and aerosols. This innovative sprayer takes the convenience of an aerosol spray but eliminates the need for dangerous solvents and pressurized gases that can harm the environment. Utilizing a fast acting quick pressure bottle, the Flairosol sprays a consistent and robust mist.

Treat your scalp to a vacation! This water-resistant brush massager vibrates and cleanses while relaxing the scalp. Enjoy this massage brush during shampooing, deep conditioning or hot oil treatments. Perfect for all hair types. Bristles are made of soft rubber.

These crisscrossed headbands will add pop to your curly puff. These African print cotton headbands will give life to all your summer fits. We also used anti-snag reinforced elastic. They're gentle on your kitchen and won't stretch out.

To try your luck at winning one of our 5 PuffCuff Ditch the Band Summer Tote Bags, CLICK HERE to enter for your chance to win. Click the button below to enter for your chance to win. Winners will be announced on social media @ThePuffCuff and notified via email EVERY FRIDAY from June 29 to July 27. Be sure to follow @thePuffCuff, so you don’t miss the announcement!


  • Anne Lewis

    When will you be doing another giveaway?

  • Blondell

    I need all of this in my life

  • Carol Grady

    I really hope I can win this so I can do my hair better as well as my daughter’s.

  • Zawata Medina

    I need all this in my life!! Saying a prayer!!

  • Liz Manon

    I LOVE my PuffCuffs!!!

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